How can I change the website language from Arabic to English?

Hi Everyone, I'm a native English speaker, and I accidentally set my native language to Arabic. I don't know how to change it back to English (it's still English on my iphone, thankfully). I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks! Josh Wilson

November 4, 2017

تعليق واحد

The language of the site changes automatically depending on what language do you learn and from what language. I don't know if you understand my words or not, but for example : I'm learning English, French from Arabic. and Japanese,Esperanto from English. so, when I study English or French the site will change automatically the native language to Arabic.while if I study Japanese or Esperanto the site will change it to English.

So all you have to do is change the language you're learning

November 20, 2017
تعلم لغة في 5 دقائق فقط يوميًا. مجانًا.