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Great, inexpensive speech recognition Language Learning software.

I would like to share some commercial software that I tripped over by pure accident whilst on the search to find a programme that could help me practice and improve my French pronunciation. The larger part of the software involves speaking / repeating commonly used terms, phrases, expressions and sentences. It is all spoken in real voice recorded in the native language (they are not robotic - they are recorded by real people) and each has an explanation of its meaning in usage - not it's literal meaning. In a way it is very similar to Rosetta Stone but way more engaging and at a fraction of the cost - a one-off purchase of US$ 49.95. Also, you can set the difficulty of speech recognition to easy, medium or hard so you can adjust it as you improve. I must say that it has finally crow-barred my mouth into actually trying to speak French.

The software is available for the following languages : English, French, German & Spanish and eacj has a free 2 week trial. They ca be found here: http://www.elanguage.com/free-trials/

The site also says it supports many other languages but I couldn't work out how this worked. A visit to http://www.elanguage.com/language-resources/other-languages/ and contacting them might be the way to go there.

I may be level 25 on here, and my grammar is not bad, but I am terrible at speaking French. Living in Australia doesn't give you a lot of opportunities to practice it. As such, I have never been confident enough to seek out Skype lessons, however, this is something I will look into in the future as my confidence grows. I feel so much more confident after just 4 days!

By comparison, I have tried Rosetta Stone (boring!) and this software (highly entertaining and not boring AT ALL as you can tailor make the lessons for what you need).

I don't generally recommend software (well, I never have in the past) but this software is cheap and is the bomb. especially seeing you can test-drive it for 2 weeks.

PS - It might bug up every once in a while. There is a simple solution - close it and reopen it. :)

I hope this is as useful to others as it has been to me.

Bonne chance !

PPS Sorry to repeat this post in the French forum but that is the language I have tested. Merci !

November 4, 2017



Thanks for sharing. Just two notes for others that may take a look:

  • You can use a fake name/email to download. You can use your real info if you want to buy.
  • The Spanish package does not load. The link is broken.
  • The French package is 748 MB. If on slow Internet connection that will take longer than expected.


Thank you for sharing.

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