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Gold tree's rate of decay is too slow

This may sound like a first-world problem (or, worse, humblebrag) but it's real: after a certain point, the Japanese tree basically doesn't decay any longer - it just stays gold for days on end. Whatever algorithm they have in place to regulate decay needs to be recalibrated for Japanese, I think.

This is a problem because there are certainly any number of words and phrases I don't recall, especially when they come up so rarely.

I don't seem to be organized enough to just review on my own - I can never remember where I was. So is there a way to just reset the tree, preferably while keeping one's level (which I worked so haaard for)?

November 4, 2017



Yes, I agree; DL seems to think I know Japanese much better than I really do, and I wish it would prompt me to practise many parts of the tree a lot more often than it does.

I like skills to stay gold if I feel that I could test them using timed practice and get 18-20 with ease, but I feel this is certainly not true in the case of Japanese at the moment.


upvote purely for the 814 day streak and the fact you learned high Valyrian. Holy shazbot.


I've been doing this course 194 days now and haven't managed to have the tree stay gold for even 24 hours yet. ><;

The skills with more American speech in them such as Vacation (holiday), Clothes (trousers), Sport (football), Dates (day before month), Activity (at the weekend), Food (sweets), Classroom (years), Transport ("intersection"?), ... [Basically: half of the tree.] Those skills won't ever stay gold very long *for some reason*... >.>

One way to see which skills are weaker or were practised longer ago is to use the trick to view your Words page. You can just click the weak words or the older words at the bottom of the list and see which skill they are in, then just focus on those skills. ^^


First, I am amazed that your tree isn't permanent gold - it must be because you're doing Japanese on the web, and that is just so much harder, with so many more opportunities for mistakes. That's probably what I should do; even the regular, non-timed web practice can be quite challenging for me.

Second, re word list: has something changed there? I looked for it the other day and couldn't find it. I know you once posted instructions how to get it - I'll have to look for them.

Edit: found them - since that was a really long thread, I'll post the part that works for me (I use French instead of Spanish - both have the "words" feature):

browser: Switch to Spanish course.

browser: Click "Discussion".

app: Switch to Spanish course.

app: Switch to Japanese course.

browser: Click "Words".


194 days? You must have started it while it was hatching!


Ugh.. I have enough problems keeping all my trees golden, now I need to worry about Japanese. If your tree is already golden nothing stops you from practicing and keeping it that way.


I usually strengthen at least once a day plus once every time I complete a skill. It works for me since I'll often just strengthen after I worked my butt off at work and I'm on lunch break(and therefore don't have the mental stamina left to learn a skill properly).

Five days a week I'll usually get 10-30 xp a day, mostly strengthens, then on my two days off I'll get 100+ xp in a day. It works, mostly.


There is a way to reset the progress but it would also erase your level and start again


Ah, that's not an option, then - thanks!


When I was on and off with it, my skills were still all gold. They've never not been gold. There is definitely something off.


If you use the placement test, the skills you jump past stay gold for what seems pretty much like forever (if indeed it isn't forever). Might this be what happened to you?

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