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  5. "이 식당이 안 어두워요."

" 식당이 어두워요."

Translation:This restaurant is not dark.

November 4, 2017



Yeah, you're just blind.


What's the root here? Dark is 어두운, so would to be dark be 어두웁니다 in 합소제?


어둡다 is the infinitive "to be dark", but yeah your formal version is right


Why does the conjugation of the adjective ends in 워요? What level of Korean?


어둡다 is a ㅂ-irregular verb. For polite (and casual) Korean, you need to alter the stem before conjugating:

어둡다 → 어두우 → 어두우+어요 = 어두워요


어둡습니다 is right.


Should 'gloomy' be accepted? I learned dark / gloomy as equal translations but was wrong.


안 means not do in relation with the verb, right?


네, 맞아요. That is right.


What is the difference between "안" and "않아요"? In the sense.... 안 He stands in front of an adjective and "않아요" ? I don't know.... Tell me if I'm wrong.... I don't really understand... They are both "no" but where you go to put "안" and "않아요".


You've noticed a quirk of verb negation in Korean. There are many (6?) ways to negate verbs in Korean, depending on the sentence mood and how strongly you are negating the verb.

  • 이 식당이 안 어두워요 = "This restaurant is not dark."
  • 이 식당이 어둡지 않아요 = "This restaurant is not dark."

The short negation just places the adverb 안 before the verb. The long negation uses the verb auxiliary (for the declarative mood) ~지 않다 and conjugates the new verb.

References: - http://bruce-the-korean.blogspot.com/2015/07/negation.html


would "it is not dark in this restaurant" be correct? or is the "to be dark" referring to something more specific which does not match that?


I spelt restaurant wrong by accidentally writing restraunt instead and it said I used the wrong word. WHAT? can someone explain


Well, restraunt is wrong. It's that simple.

Sometimes, Duolingo accepts typos, but those are obiously not hard-coded but algorithmically get detected with some level of tolerance with respect to the correct word. Your typo didn't fit pass this algorithmic test.

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