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  5. "저는 사과를 먹습니다."

"저는 사과를 먹습니다."

Translation:I eat an apple.

November 4, 2017



I am eating an apple? I eat apples? I eat an apple is not correct english


Technically/grammatically, "I'm eating an apple." should be "저는 사과를 먹고 있습니다." (as is using the present continuous form in Korean).

In real life, though, Koreans will say "저는 사과를 먹습니다." and mean that they're eating an apple currently.


Is 들 plural? I know that women is 여자들 but I looked up hand and hands and it was 손 and 소유. Are there different was to pluralize in Korean?


1) 소유 means "ownership/possession". A sentence like, "I have the property in my hands." isn't talking about literal hands, but possessing the object.

2) 들 is often left out as unnecessary. People use it for emphasis as needed.


It's the object marker. You use 룰 because 사과 ends in a vowel. For words that end in a consonant, you use 을.


My sister Miriam loves apples don't mention? !

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