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How long did it take you to complete a tree?

I'm currently on course to complete the Italian for English tree in the 1 year target I set myself. I am then planning to learn a new language every year.

So my questions are: How long did it take you to complete a course and which course? How many lessons/XP were you doing each day to achieve this?

Also, I would like to know which courses everyone enjoyed for my next language!


November 4, 2017



All these people talking about trees taking a month or so... My french took me about a year, and German took two! It really depends on how you like to learn.


I struggle to understand how people complete them in such short amount of time. They must be cleverer than me!


I'm deliberately taking mine slow. I'm in no hurry to know a whole language, though, just doing it because "why not?"


I haven't completed a tree yet. I hate moving forward if I don't have the previous lessons mastered and also cross-referenced with other language sites and apps practiced to what I have learned. I have like 10-15 lessons to finish the French, reverse French, Esperanto, Spanish, and German tree and I am about 50% through the Japanese tree. Every 2-4 lessons on the Japanese tree and I redo the whole tree to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. Also before I do new lessons after going over the tree again, I will do 5-10 timed practice and random lower level lessons to see how fast I can complete them.


Oh and languages I end up not liking, such as Welsh, Vietnamese, and High Valerian, I'll just do the lessons up to the first shortcut. Every once in a while I'll come back to them and do timed practices to keep the tree gold up to the shortcut bar and see if I am liking the language any more than the last time I was practicing it.

If I don't like it after doing this a bunch of times, roughly getting to level 10 or so, I just stop practicing that language and focus on ones I enjoy.


It depends on the language and how much Xp you are doing in a day. You can finish within two or three weeks, but I would recommend taking some time to review your old skills.


Yeah, I've been trying to keep a slow pace and not rushing into more skills until I felt comfortable with all the previous ones. I could have completed the tree in a few months but theres no point if I forget it all soon afterwards!


I don't remember how many lessons I did a day, but it took me about 8 months to complete the Portuguese from Spanish tree. I was trying to make sure I absorbed what I was learning while I was going too (people can finish a tree fast, but that doesn't mean it was retained well).


That's my logic too. Learn slowly and try to absorb everything the best I can


I finished the Spanish from English in 105 days, keeping everything gold while working down the tree. I had a goal of finishing another tree in another 105 days, and today is day 210. But I've been doing Spanish every day to keep everything gold and to hit level 25 (I was at level 18 when I finished the tree). I also started both the Russian and German trees at the same time, which was a mistake. Some people can do that, but it isn't working for me. Both Russian and German are significantly more difficult for an English speaker than Spanish, and I'm thinking in Russian while doing German lessons. So I'm letting the German tree go for now and focusing on finishing Russian (keeping it gold as I go) and keeping the Spanish tree gold. Once those are both done, I'll start German from the beginning again. I'm hoping Latin is ready by the time I finish German.

I still have a goal of having three completed, all gold, trees in a year, and all of them at level 25. I don't see it happening, realistically. I would have to average 370xp per day for the next 155 days for that to happen. My max has been a little over 500xp in a day, but that was a Saturday when I had nothing else going on and spent quite a bit of time on it.

So bottom line is, it depends on how motivated you are, how much time you have each day, whether you care whether you get to level 25, and whether you keep it all gold every day or just concentrate on finishing the tree and re-gild it all at the end.

Here are some lingots for encouragement!


You must be working very hard to have learnt so much in such a short amount of time!

I am trying to keep everything gold and then add a few more skills when I'm comfortable. Unfortunately I am fairly inconsistent with how much I learn due to work and other commitments.

Hopefully I'll be able to find more time though as I plan to finish my tree within the next month or so. Good luck with your learning!


Well, I'm not sure how the lingots are working right now. It took 5 from me, but looks like you only got two of them. Sorry!



I finished my Italian tree 57 days early! Now planning to carry on my learning via italian books and tv shows etc

Any recommendations on what to watch/read?

Any other suggestions welcome too!


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