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"El mănâncă înainte de a se spăla pe dinți."

Translation:He eats before brushing his teeth.

November 4, 2017



But "cleaning" teeth should also be accepted


I can't see why cleaning your teeth is not accepted... same as cleaning the loo... dont normally say im brushing the loo, even if you're using a brush!


As a native English speaker (from USA), I have never used "cleaning" teeth. I always use "brushing." However, a dentist/hygienist will clean your teeth.


Native Brit here. We use both.


"He eats before he cleans his teeth."

In ENGLISH English we clean our teeth is used and equivalent to we brush our teeth. We wash our teeth is not used here.

As it happens it's also the more literal translation - which Duolingo has not seemed averse to elsewhere.

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