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reached 68% fluency

I reached 68% fluency today and so decided to make my first post. Before I get many replies saying the fluency metric is fundamentally flawed I will say I agree. From inference, it seems to measure familiarity with the material as well as user dedication with some unknown weighting. Anyway, it is one of the few gaming gimmicks left once you’ve reached level 25. So improving the fluency rating gives some sense of accomplishment. On the reverse tree, I’ve got 74% fluency and from what I can gather, between those two trees there isn’t a great deal of possibility for further improvement.

A few years ago, I tried duolingo and didn’t get very far along the then considerably shorter tree. This time round in less than a year I have completed: the german tree, reverse tree and more importantly have found a real love of learning german.

I recognise duolingo doesn’t get you very far on its own but as a single resource, it is great for those trying to take their first step. I’ve since begun to try to move beyond duolingo with memrise and playing video games in german which has been fun. I know it will take many years to approach fluency but I’m enjoying learning.

I’ve seen a lot of posts of achievements on duolingo and personally, I like seeing them. I find it’s good motivation for me as well as good to see others improving. With perhaps no more measurable progress to be made on duolingo hopefully, the next progress post I make will be reaching B1 but for now, that is some way off.

I don’t want to end on a negative note so instead, I will end by wishing everyone continued success in their learning.

Edit: had some first time posting issues. Apologies.

November 4, 2017



Congratulations on completing the German Tree, Reverse German Tree and reaching Level 25. And in discovering a love for learning German. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes. :)


Gut gemacht!


Sehr gut gemacht!
Perseverance pays off! I think Duo Lingo is a perfect place to start learning German. I have felt very comfortable on this site learning at my own pace, which I know is slower than some but I am already a very busy person and I just have to fit in the lessons each day when I can find time. I have looked at other sites but found Duo the best for beginners.


Wow great effort! I'm currently aiming to reach 25 in German and re-gild my German tree, then I'll complete my reverse tree. I also read a lot, and watch a lot of shows in German, and have definitely found that once you've got a strong basis from Duolingo, it's not too difficult to reach a proficient level of understanding within a couple of months when you actually start to experience the language for a couple of hours each day.


Awesome. Keep going!..


Good job! Keep going!


My congratulations for the achievement of level 25 and 68 % in German! ☺

By the way your German is very good.


Cool...I just did like 2 hours and I am 30% =) I think it is kind of weird...


Thanks for sharing :)


Hallo! Gut gemacht! Du bist gut in Deutsch.


Congrats great achievement!

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