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  5. "I forgot just one time."

"I forgot just one time."

Translation:저는 딱 한 번만 잊어버렸어요.

November 4, 2017



While the supplied translation is correct, it seems that there are various ways to say this, especially given that the first two words in the correct response can be seen as implied, in the Korean language. (Imho, as a native speaker who is trying to use this app to improve her written skills in the language...)


As a native speaker, feel free to report/flag any missing translations you can think of. This will help them get out of beta faster.


Do you have kakao or snapchat or something other than this where I can use to message you? I'm looking for natives to learn with. (I'm a non-native speaker)


잊었어요 should be approved, no?


Can someone please tell me the difference between "잊었어요" and "잊어버렸어요" ? Thank you.

  • 잊다 = "to forget"
  • 잊어버리다 = "to (completely) forget"

For the most part these two verbs are synonymous. The latter verb carries a connotation of more time passing or forgetting to a larger extent.

Note: 버리다 is a common auxiliary verb that you attach to other verbs to indicate "completeness" of the action.


Can other numbers be used in the phrase "딱 한 번만" besides "한"? For example, "딱 두 번만"?


What if i just put 번만? Would it mean different or same?


I'm wondering the same! -만 was already supposed to mean "only" or "just", as far as I've understood. Then couldn't we say "저는 한 번만 잊어버렸어요" (without the "딱" thing)?


You just put "Time" as in "(one) time". It makes no sense as you can see

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