"Where is he going?"

Translation:Où va-t-il ?

November 4, 2017



Can anyone explain why "Ou est il va?" is wrong?

November 4, 2017


There is no present progressive in French: both "he is going" and "he goes" are translated as "il va".

Hence "Where is he going ?" can be translated as "Où va-t-il ?" (formal), "Où est-ce qu'il va" (neutral) or "Il va où ? / Où il va ?" (colloquial), but "Où est-il va ?" simply makes no sense.

November 4, 2017


Okay, I understand my mistake. I had 2 conjugated verbs for a single action. In the way I wrote it, 'est' is redundant. Thank you.

November 4, 2017


Im very confused on this one, can someone please explain the grammer to me? Thank you,*

December 21, 2017


Où il y va " why is not correct

February 3, 2018


I understand the rest of it, but why is there a 't' in the middle?

February 10, 2018


read the lesson notes at the bottom of the first page with all this sections lessons. they explain why there is a t in the middle. basically i think it is cause the there are two vowels next to each other and that cant happen so they just put in a t but it means nothing. the lesson notes are well worth reading for each section as they explain lots. hope i understood it right.

February 13, 2018


I didn't even know there were lesson notes... Thanks!

September 13, 2018


why can it not be "Va-il d'où?" où can go at the end, no?

February 15, 2018


What does the t stand for?

March 10, 2018


Why not ou est ce que il va

July 23, 2018


Why is it "t-il" and not just "il" since you are referring to he

August 3, 2018


what is the difference between aller et va?

August 29, 2018


Where does the t come from in this translation? I guessed "où qu'il va" but i have no idea what the t in "où va t il" is for.

March 28, 2019
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