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  5. "What is an open file?"

"What is an open file?"

Translation:Qu'est-ce qu'un dossier ouvert ?

March 14, 2013



I agre, I am french and file means "fichier" not "dossier" which would be folder... Funny that a french native speaker get stuck in the level 9 ;-) A bon entendeur!


"Quel est un fichier ouvert?" is apparently wrong. Why please? Cheers


As far as I can tell, the only thing "wrong" with this construction is that Duolingo wants us to use a specific format for this question. This is of course ridiculous as there is no way to know this other than just memorizing the exact response that Duolingo wants for this specific question.


Why is "Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'un dossier ouvert" wrong? I thought this was a standard introduction to questions?


You don't need the third 'que', I put ' Qu'est-ce que c'est un dossier ouvert' and was marked correct


Not at all. It is marked incorrect now. Can anyone explain why? I would like to know why that third "que" is needed. Merci d'avance!


I have the same question. I went with "Qu'est-ce que c'est un dossier ouvert?" and it was marked incorrect, and I don't understand why.


pourquoi pas "fichier"?


Dans le contexte informatique, file->fichier. Mais dans un autre contexte, "file" peut vouloir dire "dossier" par exemple un dossier sur une affaire dans une enquête de police ou pour un dossier administratif sur une personne.
Donc, j'imagine qu'il faudrait que les deux soient acceptés.


Exact, dossier semble même incorrect. Il y a vraiment une coquille a corriger.


"une coquille é corriger" made me smile! That literally means a "shell to correct"?


J'ai la même question....foo!


The sentence could also refer to chess, in which case Qu'est-ce qu'une colonne ouverte ? would be the correct translation.

I haven't yet tried to submit such a response to see if it's allowed, I'll get it next time around.


I'm at a loss here. Were is the verb "is" in the English coming from, since the French is literally "What (is it that) an open file?" Until now, I've never seen an example of a question in this form (that I can recall) that didn't have a verb of some kind after the "Qu'est-ce que" question clause. When I was asked to translate from the English, I put "Quel est un dossier ouvert ?" which follows an acceptable pattern (Quel + être + determiner + noun), but was rejected. Could it be that this sentence is trying to say something other that what it appears to say, i.e. that someone doesn't know what an open file is and wants that clarified? What am I missing?


Why the second "que"?


The first is "what" and the second is "that". French requires the "that" that we often skip in English, but used to be more common. We could say "What is a file that is open?" to bring the sentence structure a bit closer together between the two languages.


How come "Un dossier ouvert est quoi?" doesn't work?

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