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5 Tips to Efficiently Learn French - For Beginners

French is an easy language to learn if you work hard. But not all methods are good ones. These 5 tips will help you to better understand and learn French.

5. Don't translate all French text

Translating words is a great method for beginners, I must say, but it's not good if you translate all the time. Make sure you're not translating every single text you come across. Try to translate yourself what the words you know mean, and then you might have to translate the rest.

Google Translate is a translator, yes, but it is often inaccurate. Word Reference is a website I highly recommend, even though it's more of a dictionary, it is an awesome site.

4. Listen to French conversations

Listening to French conversations is a great way for you to understand some of the words in French. The more you listen to French, the more you will be able to understand it. And understanding French is a great accomplishment itself!

You may not know how to speak fluently yet, but it's a start! Which brings us to our next point...

3. Before you can start practicing how to say a sentence with the proper pronunciation, make sure you understand what you're saying

If you start to say a French sentence, and you don't know what it means, then what's the point? French is a great language, but you need to understand the text before speaking!

What if you're asked to translate the sentence with your knowledge on a test? And the actual pronunciation isn't tested? What would you do? Make sure to ALWAYS understand the point of a sentence and all of it's concepts.

2. Learning French takes time!

You can't learn French is one day! French is a language you need to learn over a period of time to fluently speak. I don't think I've ever come across a language that says otherwise!

First, if you're a beginner, start with the basics, like: girl, boy, him, her, and I. Don't get complicated with the words! Every one has their own comfort level.

  1. Repetition is the key! Repeat, repeat, repeat! You can't just like the word: girl (fille) and memorize it in a second! You must repeat over and over again. And when you've passed that checkpoint, make sure to come back to it so you don't forget your previous knowledge.

Let's say you are learning the word: girl (fille). This is what it shoudl be like in your mind.

girl=fille girl=fille girl=fille girl=fille girl=fille

You must repeat the word several times! Then, try using it in a sentence.

Repetition is the key!

Thank you for reading my 5 tips on how to learn French. Please stay tuned for more discussions on this topic. Thanks again!

-Umaiza Faruqui

November 4, 2017



My only problem with these tips is the very first one. If someone is a beginner in French, I would never tell them to not look up the translation of a word if they have no prior knowledge of it. There is nothing wrong with that. You can't expect a beginner to understand most French vocabulary starting out. Now, as they progress and they are understanding the grammar rules and conjugation in different tenses, not translating is better at that point. Especially with sentences or paragraphs, it's important for a learner to understand the general idea that is written or spoken without trying to translate each and every word.

However, I could have misunderstood that first tip, so I'm sorry if I did. Other than that, these are great tips.

Also, Word Reference is something I would recommend for learners at any level. That's more like a dictionary than a sentence translator, even though it gives you examples of how a word is used in a sentence. Google translate is an actual sentence translator, which should not be used unless you purely don't know the language and never plan on learning it. Though, it is often times inaccurate.

Edit: Just a suggestion; word association is also a great way to remember vocabulary. For "revenir", I know it means "to come back/return" based on the actual English definition of "revenue". Interestingly, when "revenir" is conjugated in the past, it is "revenue/revenu", depending if the object is masculine or feminine. That really helps me remember its definition.


I think you have misunderstood. I meant to say do not ALWAYS use a translator


I agree with that. But, since Word Reference is not a sentence translator, I would not place it in the same boat as Google translate. Word Reference is more like a dictionary for words and phrases. Though, that should not be heavily relied on, too.


Oh, if you don't like it, then don't pay it any attention. I was just suggesting something that helped me learn French. ^ ^


why are there five step 1s


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So, to sum it up, what we're all essentially doing. Read the title of each tip but I can't be bothered to read any further as this is common sense. If not, such advice can be applied to any language and chances are we've probably heard it all before.


Yes, these are things my teachers in the past had beaten into my head. They are good tips, but tips we all ought to know and at least follow, if just some.


I am sorry. I am just saying these for beginners who have no past knowledge of French. I should add that


I think they're good tips, and I appreciate the effort you put into posting them. Merci!


GREAT TIPS! Thanks a lot! Merci!!


je suis d'accord. Merci @UmaizaFaru


De rien! I love helping those learning French.

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