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  5. "교장 선생님은 수학여행을 가요."

"교장 선생님은 수학여행을 가요."

Translation:The principal goes on a class trip.

November 4, 2017



The (school) principal goes to a (class/school) field trip


There's no 에 so I don't see how you get 'to'.

"校長 先生님은 修學旅行을 가요." "The principle goes on a school excursion." Well at least over here they often go to do fun things and not just to study. Field trip sound more to me like (사회) 견학 = (社會) 見學. Maybe for 소풍 = 逍風/消風 I'd just say outing. I wonder how these are really used . . .


SeanFogart4, where is "over here"?

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