"Ty jsi František."

Translation:You are František.

November 4, 2017

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Why does it sound like he is saying "Františeká"?


It's a known glitch of the male voice. The female voice is pronouncing it correctly.


Is there any specific rules on ommiting the pronoun 'Ty' or 'Já' which then allow the sentence started with 'jsem', 'jsi'?


They are onlynnecessary when they are emphasized (e.g., contrasted with something).


I though it would be, ses (with the hook) frantisek?


"Seš František." is non-standard; Common Czech.


I have a question that Czech people which one prefer when they speak, Ty jsi or Jsi, Já jsem or jsem? I heard both ones but which one is more often used? How often they use pronouns before jsem, jsi?


Depends on the context, both are very common.


how do you tell if you say are you frantisek or you are frantisek and how do you put foreign accents in your comments?


Please read the Tips and notes and install a Czech keyboard layout on your phone/tablet or even PC. You could also copy and paste the characters from somewhere else (e.g., from the sentence above).


On Some key boatds you can press longer on a letter and the letter apear with different signs above it, so you can choose


Where are the tips located? I cant find them on my android phone


The Tips and Notes for the course are not currently available in the apps. But you can access them by using a desktop or mobile browser. Click on the Skill you're interested in. If T&N exist for that skill, you'll see a light bulb icon; click that and you'll see the notes. Currently T&N exist primarily for the earlier skills in the course.


So far, I understand that interrogative and assertive can be differed by the question mark in written, and by intonation when we speak. Sometimes, in spoken utterances the intonation goes flat, I mean not like typical questionning tone which goes up. But then our speaking partner would confirm if it is or it is not, 'ano' or 'ne'.

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