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What is the "Labs" Section about?

I have noticed a change in the places you can click on on the top of the screen. What exactly are labs? What do they have to do with Duolingo? Why do we need them? Do we even need them?

November 4, 2017



Labs are experimental projects by Duolingo that can be stopped at any time. There's Stories and Events so far.


The help pages are worth checking out.

For example...


There is also a wiki - also worth checking out.

The forums also have a search facility. Not a very good one - but you can still often find answers that way.


ooh, I love labs! Right now, the only two labs currently running are Duolingo Stories and Duolingo events. They help a lot with language (well, as of now Stories is only for Portuguese and Spanish learners) and every story rewards 20 XP instead of our tree's customary 10. I think they're really fun, but they're for the more experienced. Events is a new one, I haven't really worked out the kinks for it yet. We don't really need them, but they're pretty fun and unique. Hope this helped!


the Labs tab; here is where Duolingo lets us take a peek at new features they're testing (such as the stories; I recommend them! However, they aren't based around what level of the language you're at and only come in Spanish and Portuguese). Then there's Events, where you can host events and meet other members of the language learning community (Duolingo!!), all across the globe...

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