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How to edit Tinycard published decks?

I created a private Tinycards deck (to help me with reinforcing my memory for old words) and checked it "thoroughly" before publishing it. Unfortunately, I overlooked an error and published before correcting that error. I would like to edit the deck but prefer not to delete it and make a new one. IS THERE A WAY to make post-publishing editing changes? If so, how?

November 4, 2017



Yes, just visit your deck and click on the pencil.


Thanks for the lingots, whoever donated them.


Yes, you can edit it.

The thing that bothers me that when I find errors in other people's tinicard decks, I cannot correct it :P


I just found like three errors in your one sentence. Either look it over before you post, or don't say that, lol.


Exactly, there is no way to contact the author and the errors stand forever.

[deactivated user]

    The Quebecois deck I found has good information but is loaded with notes that makes it hard to use. Can one alter somebody else's deck?


    I have never created a deck because last time I tried they wouldn't let me finish it- kept saying things like "not complete. Check your deck" or something. Ps. Someone must be rich (in lingots) around here. This post hasn't been out for very long.

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