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"Moji rodiče ten hotel začali po dvou měsících nenávidět."

Translation:My parents started to hate that hotel after two months.

November 4, 2017



'After two months my parents started to hate that hotel.' is not accepted?


'After two months my parents began to hate that hotel' is marked wrong with 'began' underlined. According to hints and dictionary zacali can mean began. I have reported it a number of times but with no result. In my answer there is nothing else incorrect. Cant take screen shots as sugested by mr. Bass. Look forward to a comment as i find as a native english speaker the terms can be used interchangeably in this context.


"My parents began to hate that hotel after two months." is accepted.


How would the construction differ in czech if hating was used instead of to hate.


There is no continued for in Czech, so i guess it will be the same..


This is not about a continuous tense, this is about a gerund vs infinitive. But that is just an English grammar feature, the Czech translation will indeed be the same.


"My parents have begun to hate that hotel after two months." Is this really wrong in English? Or a little different meaning? (reported)


After two months my parents began to hate that hotel - please explain the difference between 'began' and 'started', which makes the former unacceptable.


We, again, have no report with "began" from you. We only have one recent report (perhaps not from you) that uses "started" and has "than" instead of "that".

If there is a translation missing, use the report button.


How would you translate "my parents started a hotel after 2 months"?


Or if you mean the same as "opened a hotel" then we would use "(si) otevřeli hotel". We have no direct equivalemt for the started a hotel.


You're right, maybe also "Moji rodiče si zřídili hotel po 2 měsících." (bought/set up) or "Moji rodiče založili hotel po 2 měsících." (established/founded). But this is a little more suitable for a restaurant or café.


Did you mean "My parents started (running) a hotel after 2 months." ?

-> "Moji rodiče začali provozovat hotel po 2 měsících."


"Moji rodiče po dvou měsících ten hotel začali nenávidět." is that also correct?

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