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How to Write Chinese Characters

After speaking with some fluent friends and looking around online here is a nice list that learners can follow to write Chinese Characters properly:

- Top to bottom

- Left to right

- Upper left corner to lower right corner

- Outside to inside

- If two or more strokes cross, draw horizontal strokes before perpendicular strokes (Ex.事shì, draw the center vertical line last.)

- Draw slanting strokes to the left before slanting strokes to the right

  • Center strokes before symmetrical strokes (Ex. 水 shuĭ, draw the center vertical line first.)
November 4, 2017



Hi LazyEinstein. Thanks for the tips. I tried the first couple of lessons to copy the characters to see how hard it was to write them, and my attempts are all terrible. Some are so butchered that I don't know if they are even legible, lol. So for now I will continue with the tree to concentrate on the pronunciation and learning to recognize characters by sight. Later on I might attempt writing them again. Good luck with your learning.


http://www.archchinese.com/how_to_write_chinese.html The link above may be used to generate character writing worksheets with stroke order for practicing, that way you can both see the stroke order and have something to trace as you gradually learn how to balance characters.

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