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Tiny Cards!

OK, so, is anybody else having a difficult time with the Korean course? I bet I know what you are going to say. " Of course! It's a whole new alphabet!"

But that's not really what I'm talking about. For the Korean course ( I don't know about the other ones) Doulingo had a whole bunch of users get together and create it. And I'm not judging their work at all, because obviously they are fluent in Korean and I'm not(yet), but something went wrong.

Throughout the alphabet lessons everything was jumbled up and I had no clue what was happening. I'm not even kidding. I swear they were introducing letters that aren't even in the Korean alphabet.

So that brings me to the topic; Tiny Cards! I have REALLY found Tiny Cards useful, and I'm SO happy that Duolingo created this feature! I might have given up on Korean, had Tiny Cards not been a thing. So, if anyone finds themselves in the same situation as me ( and i might be the only one, because I'm sure everyone else here is 10x brighter than me) be sure to use this deck and the ones to come! https://tiny.cards/decks/672592cc-f2cd-47f7-a85d-b9ff5b5a7b25

I really hope this helps! ~ So Infired

<3 <3 <3

November 4, 2017



Thanks fellow ARMY <3 Really appreciate you :) I'll try it out rn, tysm.


Thank you for the tip. A.R.M.Y!!


SO helpful, thank you fellow ARMY


If tinycards blew you mind, you should check out memrise. It's amazing for building vocabulary.


I'm an ARMY too! You might be shocked but I'm a fan boy! Some ARMY tells me that I was the first fanboy they met! Let's get along fellow ARMY!

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