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"That girl is recognizing those names."

Translation:Tamta dívka poznává tamta jména.

November 4, 2017



"That girl is recognizing those names." The present progressive tense would not be used here. Just "That girl recognizes those names" is correct.


Agreed. While the sentence with "is recognizing" isn't grammatically incorrect -- and might be used to make a certain point -- a better translation to English would use "recognizes" instead.


Why not "Tamta dívka tamta jména poznává"?


That is accepted and we have no such report in the system. Please use the report button to report answers that should be accepted and were not. Please always double- or triple-check your answers because most reports are just typos or contain other simple errors.


i don't at present see what is wrong with "Ta holka tahle jména poznává."


I think "tahle" would be "these", while "tamta" is "those".

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