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  5. 'trauen' vs. 'vertrauen'


'trauen' vs. 'vertrauen'

  1. What is the difference between:
  2. trauen and vertrauen?
  3. sinnen and reflektieren?

  4. What is the meaning of:

  5. 'Es gibt nur einen Weg hin,"? (Why is there hin)?
  6. 'Eine hohe Meinung von etw. haben'? (Can you also give some sentence examples using this?)

LG Jason

November 5, 2017



trauen vs. vertrauen:

"Ich vertraue ihm." "I trust him." (in the sense that I know he won't let me down) "Ich traue ihm das zu." (usually "trauen" in this case is used as "zutrauen") (I trust that he is capable of doing something (here referred to as "das"))

"nicht trauen" also has another meaning. if you have concerns that a person, a thing or a situation might not be nice/legal/safe/honest, you could say: "Ich traue ihm nicht." or "Ich traue der Sache nicht."

btw, "trauen" can also mean "to dare": "Ich traue mich zu springen." "I dare to jump."


"Es gibt nur einen Weg." = There is only one way.

"Es gibt nur einen Weg hin." = There is only one way there.


Idk about 2-6, but here there is some helpful discourse on 1.


eine hohe Meinung von etwas haben

"Er hat eine hohe Meinung von dir". "He thinks highly of you."


sinnen and reflect:

"sinnen" means "to think" in the sense of being lost in one's thoughts (nobody would ever use that word though, I think ;) )

"reflektieren" has the same meanings like "to reflect": in the sense like light is reflected from a surface or also "to think"


"Es gibt nur einen Weg hin."

"hin" is short for either "dahin" or "dorthin", in any case "hin" is referring to a probably aforementioned place

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