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  5. "V tom slovu byla láska."

"V tom slovu byla láska."

Translation:There was love in that word.

November 5, 2017



Why not "There was love in the word"?


Both, "the" and "that" can be used. Your answer has now been accepted as well, I suggested it to the mods a while ago and they gave me a positive response.


this sentence doesn't make sense in English. I would never use it. (native speaker)


It is also strange in Czech. (native Czech speaker)


"V tom slovu byla láska." Why not Love was in that word?


Although we often allow many possible permutations this sounds to me like it is saying something different. It is saying where love was. Láska byla v tom slovu. However, we do accept this Czech answer so I will leave this for others, who are better in English, to be resolved.


Thanks- don't worry. It means the same thing,. Its just a more dramatic way of saying it. More poetic


I am not against this translation. I am just not the right person to be adding it. Someone else will have to judge the reports in the system.

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