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Bug in timed practice - (almost) double points registered due to repeated microphone question

Hi, I've searched the forums but haven't seen anyone else report this bug.

Lately I've been doing timed practice on the web - I'm in the rolled-out new version that has been adapted from mobile. I got this bug once before and I thought maybe it was a fluke, but it happened twice today.

When my last question in timed practice is a microphone question, I'm getting some odd behavior. I will answer the speech question correctly and will register a certain number of points for the entire timed session (say, 18). But before I go to the "practice session over" screen, the same question activates the microphone again. I thought it was weird, so I just pressed the stop button. Then I got one point reduced. My first thought was "bummer, I just lost a point for a question I got correct". Oh well.

Much to my surprise, the "session over" screen showed first 18 points and then immediately afterwards, looped back on itself and showed 17 points. My total for the day was 35 XP! I know for sure this wasn't from anything else, since I didn't do any practice earlier that day and started this session with 0 XP for the day.

This happened again today and I was able to replicate the behavior on a second practice session. I did 2 timed practice sessions today and received a total of 72 points (=19+18+18+17) when in fact it should have been 37 (=19+18).

I haven't tried to see what happens if I repeat the answer on the microphone instead of hitting the stop button.

Edit: Also, when I went to post this discussion, I hit "submit" and got a 404. So I posted it again and got another 404. Thought that was weird, went to the forum and found two copies of my post already there. (I deleted one to avoid duplication.)

November 5, 2017
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