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117 day streak gone but I earned points yesterday...

Just logged in to continue my streak at 117 days, to find it has vanished... I knew I was going to be out yesterday evening so I did some immersion earlier in the day. I note in my activity log " b_adger yesterday translated 2 sentences of Maryland" so I certainly was active, how can my streak be gone? Having such a long streak was a great motivator to do a little french each day (although my wife didn't like me paying more attention to french than her...)

April 6, 2014




What is your Tier level? If you are Tier 1, you can earn less than 1 point per sentence depending on how many words it contained that you entered into the translation or edit.

Also, it is always a good idea to include what opperating system and browser you are using when you post anything to Immersion. (For example my OS is Windows 7 and my browser is Firefox.)


Thanks for your reply. I'm at tier 2 in french. I'm using XP and firefox.

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