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  5. "The man returns it."

"The man returns it."

Translation:남자가 돌려줍니다.

November 5, 2017



I wonder why "남자가 이것을 돌려줍니다" was marked wrong. Reported on Nov. 5, 2017.


Either 이것을 or 그것을 should be accepted. 12/29 still not changed. I wonder if different members of the development team are responsible for different areas of the course? They have accepted 65 of my corrections since Dec. 12, and probably at least that many before, which I didn't think to save, so I have no record of how many. niskigwun is the only name I have seen in the 65, and don't remember any other name from before. But his responses seem to be fairly timely, so I don't know if he doesn't agree, hasn't seen it, or that it is the responsibility of someone else. It would be nice if there were one discussion in the Forum where explanations were given for disallowing a particular translation.


I wonder why this sentence leaves out the word thing.


The object is implied, so it can be omitted


돌려줘요 should also be accepted. Reported 2//5/18.


Can the answer also mean "the man returns"?


I think that would be "남자가 도라옵니다". "도라오다" means to come back. "돌려주다", on the other hand means "to hand something back" i.e to return something.


Why is it 가? Instead of 은?


What difference between 돌려요 and 돌려주세요?

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