Thai-English event in Sydney?

I noticed recently that Duolingo is offering to promote language-speaking events for people learning languages.

It made me wonder if there was anybody interested in a Thai-English speaking event if it were in Sydney, Australia? (That's where I'm based). Seems like the event can just be a simply meeting up at a venue like a restaurant or a park, and just practice your English (and maybe a few farang might want to practise a bit of Thai too :D).

If anyone is interested, just reply here. If there is enough people interested, maybe we can give this a try.

One of us will have to apply to become the host of the event via the form here:

It doesn't have to be me. Actually, if there's anyone out there who is more inclined and skilled in organising such an event, deciding the theme/topic of discussion and the venue, I'd be happy to just join in :)

November 5, 2017


I hope this event will come in Bangkok

Well I will be interested when I go back to Sydney probably next year some time. I was home for a year and a half before this trip and could only practice Thai when eating at Thai restaurants plus I was lucky enough to have one Thai colleague at work. But I never met anybody studying Thai.


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