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A2 Deutsch exam without A1 certificate

I am planning to apply for A2 German exam by self preparation, learning from Duolingo App, do I need A1 German Certificate from Goethe? Kindly help me on this.

November 5, 2017


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In theory you should be able to try for C2 certificate without ever passing any of the previous levels. I highly advise that you use other resources than Duolingo even for A2 level. Especially the speaking and listening part will be challenging for any Duo user.


No, you do not need the A1 in order to take or pass A2. You can practice the test in DW.com or Goethe.com. You will need additional resources to pass the test, there are interviews in youtube and search for grammar for A2 to make sure you understand all the topics. Listening comprehension is very weak in Duo and it does not cover all the grammar. Good luck.

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