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  5. "Our dresses"

"Our dresses"

Translation:Unsere Kleider

November 5, 2017



Does "our" change because of the noun being male or female as well as singular or plural? I don't understand how to tell when to change it from Unser to Unsere.


plural form of definite article is Always only 'Die' despite of its grammatical gender. it just looks same as feminin 'Die' but It's different obviously. 'Kleider' is plural form. and the possessive pronouns apply also the same way as how definite articles do. (for example: 'unser unser unsere unsere' are linked to 'masculine neuter feminin plural' each one by one). so we can tell it must be Unsere always when it links to a plural form noun./ in examples: in nominative case, Unser Junge (masculine), Unser Kind (neuter), Unsere Katze (feminin), Unsere Kleider (plural). I hope this helps you :)


Why it isn't: "Unsere Kleidungen"?


Kleidungen - clothes, not dresses

  • unsere = our subjective , Unseren = our objective? Help thnx


What's the difference between Kleider and Kleidern? They're both plural no?


What means Kleidern in the tip

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