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Adding more lessons to Irish

Any plans for adding new lessons to the Irish app? As others have said, it's valuable to redo lessons and it turns out that the 'gym' buttons have material that isn't in the regular lessons. Still, there's plenty of room for expansion.

November 5, 2017



Suggestion: Just for a break, try another course. It will expand your vocabulary and maybe help make sense of some of the trickier bits of grammar. There are many excellent courses out there, such as Gaeilge gan Stró (esp. if you buy access to the online material) and Buntús Cainte, but one excellent course is now back online (and free) after some copyright wrangling. Go to ultach.org and click on Now You're Talking. The videos, mp3 files, and workbook pages are all there in one place. You don't really need the book, which is out of print, but there are still a number of copies available at www.siopagaeilge.ie. The series was produced in 1995, and the hair and wardrobes show it, but it is a lively and engaging course.

Another suggestion: Read! If you don't live in Ireland, the postage may make the cost of buying books prohibitive, but you can buy Kindle books in Irish for less than the cost of the paper book. There is a LOT of garbage (machine translations) on the Amazon Kindle site, but I can recommend easier books. There's also a way to buy and install an Irish-English dictionary, and there are online reading groups that you can join. I don't want this post to be any longer, so contact me if you're interested in reading.

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh!

November 7, 2017


Thanks for talking the time to reply! I have been watching Now You're Talking and you're right, it is an excellent course with a practica, situational focus. As for reading, I've been reading the comics like An Táin and Tintin and am now in my 5th Corto Maltese book, which is great reading - I actually went to Dublin to stock up on kids books like An Fuadach, An Draíodóir, poetry, etc. The savings on book postage paid for the flight, more or less. And there are good TV series to watch ('Scúp' is my current favorite).

However, the language has got a huge vocabulary and endless variety of idioms. It's still a frustrating leap between the level of these books, and being able to understand Tg4 and grown up literature. Duolingo is useful for drilling vocabulary. There's an old rule that to retain a word, you need to encounter it in 3 different contexts for it to click in the memory. The great benefit og duolingo is that it forces you to have contact every day.

Anyway, you might not know that the teanglann dictionary is now available to download (for tablet) agus saor in aisce ar fad.

November 18, 2017


If your discussion is a question, please could you add a question mark to the title, or else in the Discussion list it looks like an announcement. I opened this discussion expecting to see details of more lessons, not a plea for more lessons. The misdirection is annoying, even if unintentional.

On the subject of more Irish lessons, I think the volunteer team who write, type up, check and submit the course material to DL for release are currently working hard on improving/increasing the voicing of lessons. I understand that the voice cannot be AI generated, so all have to recorded by a live "voice actor" and that this is a time consuming process.

Personally, I'd rather have complete voice coverage before new lessons, so I think the team have their prioirities correct. (Many thanks to them, btw)

November 5, 2017

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I don't know where you got the impression that there would be any increase in the amount of audio on the course - historically, the course contributors did not play any part in the creation or curation of the audio content of the course, it has been managed entirely by Duolingo staff, and I haven't seen any indication that that will change.

The last post on the incubator (https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ga/en/status) indicates that work is on going on a significant overhaul of the course, but the contributors have maintained radio silence since then.

November 5, 2017


I didn't bookmark it, and it sounds like I've misinterpreted what I read, perhaps. However, I can confirm there are more audio files now than when I started learning about a month ago.

Thanks for the correction.

November 5, 2017


Interesting! Thanks for bringing up the post from the incubator. I didn't know that. Actually I abandoned Duo Irish a while ago in favor of a paid version of Buntús Cainte because I found Duo Irish course badly structured. But it looks like they are trying to address exactly those issues that I have had with it. The fact that they are using CEFR as the guide looks especially promising

November 6, 2017


I agree with you guys that fixing the problems with the current course takes priority.

November 18, 2017
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