"Jsem odborníkem na všechno."

Translation:I am an expert on everything.

November 5, 2017



"I am an expert at everything" feels more "correct" to me than "on" somehow

April 8, 2018


and insufferable with it

November 5, 2017


why: expert on something (on as location) and not: expert for something??

February 11, 2018


For example:

“I am an expert on these companies”: I have studied them for years and know how they work.

“I am an expert for these companies”: I work for them, they employ me, or they have hired me to be their expert (e.g., in court, or as a consultant).

I also agree with joedoolz47 regarding the use of “at” in certain cases. For example: “I am an expert at tennis” (seems to suggest that I play it very well) vs. “I am an expert on tennis” (suggesting I have studied the history or mechanics of the game).

You could also use “in”, e.g., for a field of study. For example: “I am an expert in (the field of) Medieval literature” vs. “I am an expert on [X, Y, or Z particular manuscript].”

April 21, 2018


Yup. There needs to be more flexibility/wider acceptance of possible answers here.

June 9, 2018
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