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"Česko a Slovensko jsou na jih od Polska."

Translation:Czechia and Slovakia are to the south of Poland.

November 5, 2017



to me it sounds normal in english to say "czech republic and slovakia are south of poland." does it need to be THE czech republic? english is my first language. have i just heard too many czechs omitting "the" while speaking english to me? it sounds unnecessary!


I am native AmE and it is very normal to say "THE Czech Republic," at least where I've lived.; in fact, I don't think I've ever heard it without "the." :-) "Czechia" is a newer option, so it probably comes down to which a person prefers to use, at least for now. And you may be absolutely right about having gotten used to CZ natives leaving out "the"!


I am czech native and i preper to say the Czech republic. But I think that official name is Czechia.


However it sounds is not the best test. We hear some slavs sometimes omitting 'the' variously in english. For obvious reasons you would say. I dare suggest it would be an affectation in poor taste for native English to omit the article here.


Česko a Slovensko jsou na jih od Polska. by se řeklo stejně?



Vždyť tohle je přesně tato věta.

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