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  5. "Naše dítě bolí zuby."

"Naše dítě bolí zuby."

Translation:Our child has a toothache.

November 5, 2017



"Our child’s teeth hurt" - is this bad English, yet acceptable in a course teaching Czech, or a heresy not to be accepted anywhere? :P


"Our child's teeth hurt" is perfectly fine English, but I just got busted for it! :-(


To what word does "boli" refer to? Is it the teeth that hurt, or does the child has a pain at the teeth? For example: "My theeth hurt" "bolim zuby", or is it "Moje zuby boli". I hope you get the idea what i'm actually asking.


It is zuby who is the subject here and the dítě is the object. So it would be "Bolí mě zuby." and certainly not *"Já bolím zuby.".


If “zuby” is the subject, then wouldn’t “dítě” be genitive (The teeth of our child...”) requiring “našeho” to be the possessive pronoun?


No, it is not "zuby našeho dítěte" "the teeth of our child". It is a special syntax where the person "whom" the body part aches is in accusative. Compare with German dative "Es tut mir weh."


OK...thanks. I’ll try to remember.

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