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  5. "Yo voy a abrir la carta."

"Yo voy a abrir la carta."

Translation:I am going to open the letter.

April 6, 2014



Sometimes, carta is a letter, sometimes it is a card....


I think it means cards as in playing cards. In that case many verbs and contexts may make little sense to use with playing cards. It mostly means "letter" on the duolingo skill tree. I think duolingo just uses the "shows his cards" like examples. In the real world there would be plenty of context to figure it out.


letter, card, menu,


Totally off-topic - I love your avatar, and your streak is amazing!!! (919 days as of 9/25/15). 2 lingots for you! =D


It sounds like she is saying yo voy a REER la carta at speed.


I wrote menu instead of letter. Without context how could i know it was supposed to be letter. All translatiions of carta shoild be accepted


Currently in mainland Spain, menu seems to be used for a "Menu del dia", whilst "carta" for what we would call the "a la carte". Menu del dia is the fixed price three course mainly lunchtime meal, and in the evening for dinner, you select from the bespoke "carta" made to order. But they are seemingly interchangeable in many tourist areas! "Targeta/tarjeta" seems more towards credit cards or business cards. My 2c worth. :)


So, how does one say "greeting" card.


Both WordReference and SpanDict say it is "tarjeta de felicitación" (la/una tarjeta....)


You can also say "carta de felicitación" and in my experience, that is more common.


And it's never just shortened to "carta"? That seems unlikely.


Card = Carta Right?


Difference between "yo voy" and "me voy"


What is the difference between "voy a abrir la carta" and "abriré la carta"? İ know in english "going to" and "will" mean similar things but there is a difference i cant put my finger on. İ think to me when i use "going to" it means i will do it whereas if i use "will" i may or may not.


Normally, "ir a + infinitive" is "to be going to do something" = Voy a comer - I am going to eat

"Abriré is "I will open".


Interesting.....................I answered "I am going to open the letter" . And DuoLingo marked it wrong, and wrote that the correct answer is "I am going to open the menu". However: here the comment section, Duo Lingo states that the correct answer is "I am going to open the letter." So let me get this straight, when I say the answer is "I am going to open the letter", it is marked wrong. Then DuoLIngo turns around and gives the exact same answer "I am going to open the letter.", and states that that is the correct answer!!! I guess it is the context. When I say it, it is wrong. When DuoLingo states it: "It is correct".

"It's good to be the King."


"I am going to open the letter" is the main accepted answer. So, if Duolingo marked it wrong, it's because you had a typo in your answer and you didn't notice. When that happens, the program offers you any of the other possibilities, and that's why he offered you "I am going to open the menu".


To Royraju: Thanks! I did not think of that. And you are probably right. There have been times that I have been marked wrong, and I looked and looked and could not see my mistake. And then I look a final time and see MY misspelling. ¡Ay caramba! And some times, I am embarrassed to say, my typo is a misspelling of an ENGLISH word! Goodness, golly, gee!!! :-p Btw, I gave you a Lingot because you taught me to look out for this mistake, which you KNOW that I am going to make again in the future. Thanks.


We read hundreds of reports every day. And most of them are sentences with misspellings. For example, they are asking us to accept:

I am going open the letter. I'm gong to open the letter. I am going to open the lettter. I am going to open the lettet. I goingto open the letter. Im going to open the leter. I am going to to open the letter. I am going to open tell letter. I am going t open the letter. I'm going to en the letter. I am going the open to letter. I am going to opoen the letter. Etc.

He have more than 30 reports like these for this sentence. :)

Gracias por el Lingot y gracias por ayudarnos a mejorar Duolingo con tus comentarios. :)


¡El gusto y el placer son siempre mios! And thanks too, for explaining a little more about the behind-the-scenes operation, that makes Duo Lingo possible.


i am going to open the card" should be accepted it is a proper translation of carta. As in i am going to open the birthday card. Bad DL!


That wouldn't be "una carta" in Spanish, that would be "una tarjeta".


Does not work to spell in Spanish


I typed the sentence in Spanish, and it keeps telling me I am incorrect because I typed it in English.


Mark, always check that you are doing what DuoLingo asks - - Duo may want you to translate into English, or sometimes, may want you to type the Spanish you hear. This is a standard mistake many folks - - actually me - - make all the time! :-)

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Is it me or do i always her "yo" as "jo"?


How is 'I am going to open the card' no accepted :(


Why can't one just use 'Voy' here? Is there a special reason for writing 'Yo voy'?

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