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  5. "Krismasi tutaenda Serengeti"

"Krismasi tutaenda Serengeti"

Translation:On Christmas we will go to the Serengeti

November 5, 2017



The speaker is saying a different sentence than the one that is written.


Did you report?


Problem persists and has been reported as of Dec 1, 2020


Christmas we will go to Serengeti


At Christmas, we will go to the Serengeti.


On Christmas (or At Christmas time) we will go to the Serengeti.


I've never heard anyone ever say 'on Christmas'; 'on Christmas day', certainly, but not simply 'on Christmas'.


What!? Have you ever hear anybody talk about doing anything in Christmas?

"On Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birth" "On Christmas we will open presents" "On Christmas we woke up to a blanket of snow covering the ground" "On Christmas we ate a turkey dinner"

It's a totally normal way of speaking.


'At Christmas' sounds normal to me; 'in Christmas', just about, but less usual. 'On Christmas' is something no-one says where I am ('on Monday', 'on the weekend', but never 'on Christmas/Easter/January/summer/etc.')
However, if you're a native English speaker from some other part of the world and this usage is normal there, then it can no doubt be put down to geographical variation. It still sounds odd to my ears.


This is a British English/American English variation. 'On Christmas is American (American English often uses 'on' for holidays - 'on thanksgiving' for example) where as British English will use 'at' for a festival period (Christmas/Easter) and 'on' for a specific day ('on Good Friday').


Or "We will go to the Serengeti Christmas." or "Christmas we will go to the Serengeti."


Wrong audio, June 16.


the speaker is saying something different from the original. In addition, my translation of "At Christmas, we will go to Serengeti" should be perfectly acceptable. Nobody says, "On Christmas..." And you can say "to Serengeti" as well as "to THE Serengeti."

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