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"Celá rodina před sedmi lety umřela."

Translation:The entire family died seven years ago.

November 5, 2017



"a whole family died seven years ago" what is wrong here?


What do you mean by "A whole family"? In which context would you use it? I can only think of contexts where "jedna celá rodina" would be in order.


FWIW, I can think of one scenario, which may or may not work from the Czech perspective. Two people are discussing why a house that looks very nice has not been sold, after more than a year on the market -- A: "I don't get it. I thought about that house myself a couple of months ago. It was too expensive for me, but it looks great, inside and out. Do you know anything about it?" B: "Well... I don't know if this is true, but I heard that a whole family died there about two years ago. Maybe that's scaring people off."


I think, once the "Celá rodina" is at the front of the sentence, it won't be possible.

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