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Helpful Japanese study tip

I just started the Japanese course (yay!!!!!!) and I phage found an amazing tip that helps me study Japanese when I don’t have my iPad or internet connection. What I do is I keep a note book. I write down the word in Japanese, then I write the word in English, and at the the end I have it in Romanji to help me with the pronunciation of the word. This is and example なつ- summer- natsu . Doing this helps me build my Japanese vocabulary, recognize Japanese words, and helps me pronounce the word. Hope this helps all of you New to Japanese just like me.

November 5, 2017



There is a Japanese forum/topic - you can edit your original post to move this there.


Hi SophiaGlanville,

Since your discussion is about (learning) Japanese, could you relocate this discussion in the “Japanese from English” forum? Thx!

To relocate it(*), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area (see here for details).

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Have a look to this short guide to help you knowing where to post your (future) discussions on Duolingo’s forums.


I'm gonna try that!


I do that too! It's very helpful!


Yes, doing something like this is very useful in my opinion - I personally learn at a desktop computer with 2 screens, so I have Duolingo on one screen and my notebook on the other.

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