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wish there was an African language?

wish there was other African languages, you can learn, either for fun or for information.

November 5, 2017



All they have right now is Swahili, which is an African language.


More languages would be great, yeah. Anyway, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194. And like almost everyone on this discussion has said, they have Swahili. And they're planning to add Zulu.


There's Swahili here.


Swahili is an African language and isn’t too difficult to learn.


yes, I do wish I could learn Yoruba.


Can't you make a Yoruba for English speakers if you're over 13.


You can work on creating a course if: 1) you apply to create the course; 2) Duoliingo decides it wants to create that particular course, and 3) Duolingo chooses you as one of the first two course contributors or the first two course contributors choose you to be on the team.

You have to be effectively bilingual in the two languages to be considered at all and you have to be willing to commit yourself to many hours a week of volunteer work.


The glitch is back!!!


That would be good. I plan to learn Swahili (I was excited to see it was on here), but more languages is never a bad thing!

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