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  5. I've completed a Skill Tree!!


I've completed a Skill Tree!!

First of all, I am so glad, that I accomplished my target for this year :) I wanted to complete this skill tree and I achieve it way earlier that I expected. Overall course is a great help for someone who never even heard romanian language. From a total zero, without knowing a single word, in half a year I believe, that I did a huge step forward and also, what's important, still have a lot of willings to practice more and more. After all this amazing time with learning romanian, I understand romanian songs and most of texts and sentences in whole romanian. It's a great journey for me, finding meaning of words I've never had here. Hopefully, in a year or so I'll be fluent. Now's time to practice speaking in romanian, because that's "Achilles' heel".

A few words for creators of this course:

Mulțumesc foarte mult pentru dăndu-mi o șansa să invăt aceasta limba frumoasa. Sper că eu o să vorbesc mai bine până la vacanțe mele in Romania anul viitor :) Acum, vreau să incep citesc carțile romanești!

I hope it's correct, if not, then sorry for mistakes. I am still not perfect (and a bit tired after work haha).

November 5, 2017

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chúc mừng bạn nha


I would say it like this: "Multumesc foarte mult ca mi-ati dat sansa sa invat aceasta limba frumoasa. Sper ca am sa vorbesc mai bine pana voi veni in Romania in vacante anul viitor. Acum vreau sa incep sa citesc carti romanesti."

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