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100XP A Day With Bunny Challenge (Nov 2017) + bonus feature for JP challengers

(Don't forget to click "follow discussion" if you intend to.)

The bunny challenge is back to help recharge your bunnies batteries. :D

Image source

For all of you newcomers, welcome to the challenge! I hope you will find this motivating for your studies over the next 7 days. :)

For y'all who have already participated, you know the drill: Starting today (or if it's too late today, you can start tomorrow), put in your best effort to earn 100XP a day (or however many you would like to set as your goal), each day, for a week.

The suggested rule: Please do not use placement tests or test-outs to accumulate XP for this challenge.

To join, just leave a comment today with your week's chart and update it daily as shown below, with whatever day you've started as the day listed first:. For me, that's going to be Sunday.

I am looking for a few brave souls who want to earn their XP using only Timed Practice. Your goal will be set not only in how many XP you want to gain, but how many skills (and their names) you want to review with Timed Practice. I especially encouraged those learning Japanese. It's going to be hard and really good for boosting your skills.

My personal goal will be 40XP a day in Japanese using the Timed Practice Bonus Feature format. I'll work on 7 skills. Plus, I will be completing my goal in [the ASL challenge. I will link when I've posted that challenge].

Week 1

Sunday 日曜日: 40 (+4) TPBC (Activity 1) ✔️
Monday 月曜日: 40 (+8) TPBC (Position) ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: 40 (+5) TPBC (Hobby 1) ✔️
Wednesday 水曜日: 40 (+2) TPBC (Transportation) ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: 40 (+9) TPBC (Clothes) ✔️
Friday 金曜日: 31 TPBC (Hobby 2) X ~~Saturday 土曜日: ~~ X

Week 2

Sunday 日曜日: 40 (+69) TPBC (Weather) ✔️ + ASL SKill Friends, Lesson 9 ✔️
Monday 月曜日: 40 (+6) TPBC (Weather + Food 2) ✔️ + ASL Friends, Lesson 10 ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: 40 TPBC (Shopping 1) ✔️
Wednesday 水曜日: 40 (+6) TPBC (People) ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: 40 (+40) (Can't recall. But it wasn't Timed Practice.) ✔️
Friday 金曜日:

November 5, 2017



This will be a good source of motivation for this week, so I think I'll tag along this time, and hopefully meet my personal goal of 50XP every day. Again, I won't be using the test-out feature, and I'm striving to review at least half of my Swedish tree by the end of this week.

So, here's my weekly chart:

Monday/Måndag: 50! (+16) ✔️
Tuesday/Tinsdag: 50! (+4) ✔️
Wednesday/Onsday: 19! ;-(
Thursday/Torsdag: 50! (+91!!) ✔️
Friday/Fredag: 50! ✔️
Lördag/Saturday: 50! (+8) ✔️
Söndag/Sunday: 50! ✔️

Good luck to all the other competitors!;D


I was soooo tempted to let my goal slide today and not do it. I'm glad I pushed through and did it anyway. :)


For that you get two bunnies in a cup!


On Wednesday, I had only earned 19XP when my actual goal was 50XP. So, I made up for that by doing extra on Thursday. :)


I would do this, but I failed miserably last time due to lack of time, plus I have to review writing Chinese for my upcoming Chinese proficiency exam later this week.


I'm sad to read that last month's did not go well for you, OmegaGmaster. Did you know that you can set your goal to non-Duolingo language studies? Instead of meeting an XP goal, you can set an amount of study to accomplish each day.

One of the most important aspects of the bunny challenge is learning to set goals one can accomplish. (It's one of those important life lessons that are valuable beyond the boarders of Duolingo.) If you set a goal that is achievable but too easy, it won't be motivating for all that long and won't result in the same feeling of satisfaction. The least satisfying goals I've set have been ones that have been way too hard for me to achieve whether I end up achieving them at all. It's a great rush if I accomplish it, but it leaves me reluctant to try to do it again because I just feel exhausted at the thought. My favorite goals are the ones that are hard enough to push me a tinsy bit out of my comfort zone, but that I'm still confident I can meet.

If you're at all amenable to suggestion, I recommend joining the challenging and setting an overly easy goal to make up for how last month's challenge went for you. Then, next month, setting a goal that is more challenging, but that you're still confident you can accomplish.

Whether you decide to join us this month or not, good luck with your proficiency exam! We're cheering you on!


Awww, I love that Sherlock Holmes bunny!

Last time I only did one or two days and then only got the 10 XP to keep my streak, because of stress. But maybe this time will be better. I only challenge myself to get a minimum of 70 XP.

Week 1

Monday: 73/70 ✔️
Tuesday: 71/70 ✔️
Wednesday: 108/70 ✔️
Thursday: 90/70 ✔️
Friday: 88/70 ✔️
Saturday: 89/70 ✔️
Sunday: 77/70 ✔️

Week 2

Måndag: 106/70 ✔️
Tisdag: 70/70 ✔️
Onsdag: 165/70 ✔️LEVEL 21 IN SWEDISH!!! ✔️ And the tree is completely gold!✔️
Torsdag: 70/70 ✔️
Fredag: 100/70 ✔️
Lördag: 190/70 ✔️
Söndag: 111/70 ✔️


Aww, welcome back tiramisues. I hope you are feeling better this week. Each challenge is it's own thing. So, don't worry about what happened last month. And if need be, you can adjust your goal this week as well. Coming back to something even when it didn't go so well the the last time is pretty brave. Have the brave bunny soul award this week.



Thank you so much! You're really one of the nicest people around! I wouldn't say I am brave, but it's true that one just has to challenge oneself again even if one didn't succeed at first. Especially with language learning. It's a marathon, it takes a long time and there will be bits that are harder and everyone will fail at one sentence or another, but if we want to learn it, we will have to accept it and try again until we get it.


Especially with language learning. It's a marathon

That is the perfect way of describing it.

Good luck tiramisues!


ok never done this before but why not, goal is 100 xp/day (italian)

sun - 101 animals, plurals, food 2, possession

mon - 111 food 2, colors, clothing, present 1

tue - 100 present 1, conjunctions, prepositions, possession

wed - 113 conjunctions, prepositions, time

thu - 52 whoops (too tired to remember which skills i did)

fri - 50 dunno

sat - 0 xd

sun - 0 xddd

video games + self-pity always win

edit 7 months later: this comment makes me very, very sad in retrospect


Welcome aboard siciIy! Glad to have you. :D


Last week was so taxing that I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with my friend and it was only 6pm. So, even though I missed my total goal by 51XP, I'm still feeling good about last week. ^_^

How did you do?

I've decided to continue and do a week two for myself. If anyone would like to join, feel free to do so!


I started a bit late so my first week is still going, but so far I can tell that this Timed Practice challenge is just what I needed to help solidify Japanese. It's been super challenging and I've realized that I can't continue on like this when it comes to the skills after checkpoint one; I need to really review a ton of things so that I can increase my speed and comprehension. For example, when it comes to German or Dutch timed practice, I'll have anywhere from 1 minute to 2 minutes left. But here, sometimes I'm only able to answer a single question and then time's up. I'm really glad you suggested this addition to the challenge ^ ̮-̮ ^


I hope you're feeling better now and get enough sleep!

My week was good, I had to force myself to do more than a lesson on Thursday and Friday (the end-of-the-week energy-loss), but I somehow managed to do it and reached my goal of 70 XP every day.

I will also join you for a second week, especially since I have some "milestones" that are not that far out of reach that I want to work on: There are only 340 XP left to level 21 in Swedish, if I keep it up I should have it by day 5. I also want to have a completely golden tree this week (only 5 skills with 1 bar, 1 with 3 bars and 2 skills with 4), the first half of the tree barely ungilds anymore so I should be able to do it.


Good luck on reaching your milestones! Level 21 in Swedish is awesome! :D (I might be a wee bit jealous, as I really like how the language sounds and have a friend I'd like to visit there one day.)

I fell asleep around 9pm last night. I would have fallen asleep around 7:30 if I had been home. As it was, I started to drift off for a second at my friend's house and startled awake. :P So, I definitely need to look after myself this week and get as much sleep as I am apparently needing. I'm also feeling sick in other ways. So, I'm not sure what to set my goal to yet. I'm less than 750XP away from leveling up. I'm very tempted to try for it. But, I don't think it's a goal I can reach. I'll see what I can do today and set my goal tomorrow. :)


Don't be jealous! You know other languages I don't. (I'd be soo interested to learn a sign language, for example, they look so amazing and expressive. But I'm from Germany, so ASL or BSL wouldn't make sense to learn, and the German sign language isn't as readily available to study on my own time, maybe one day I'll finally sign up for a course!)

750 XP really seems a bit much for a week, especially with health issues, but it seems like a good challenge to reach until the end of the month! Take care of yourself!


How exactly does ASL work? I mean, does each hand mean a word or a sentence? P.s Does English get taught in schools over in Germany? because I don't see an English course on your list.


A sign is a word, but it also has it's own grammar and evolved separately from spoken languages, so ASL is completely different to BSL.

And yes, foreign languages are mandatory in the EU. In Germany we all learn 2 or more languages, English has to be one of them. But a big part of my English knowledge is actually from immersion via media (Harry Potter especially I love to read and didn't want to wait for translation), and the internet of course, so I don't feel the need to learn it anymore and Swedish has no reverse tree. ;)

That immersion really made the difference for me, which is why I read Harry Potter in Swedish now. I actually learned French longer (3rd to 13th grade, and from 5th grade on in a bilingual school, that is in cooperation with France, whereas I only had English from 7th to 13th grade), but it's really only passive now and I'm always looking for the right words and the right conjugation when I talk to my French relatives, which is not often I admit, because then I wouldn't have so many words I understand but suddenly don't remember when it's my turn to speak. ;)

Sorry for rambling.


Oh, mandatory languages seems like a useful thing. I've never met someone that speaks another language here before, so I don't have to learn Russian, but I've always wanted to. I assume other languages can help with certain jobs here, but I don't think its Russian. I'm just learning Russian because I like how it sound, and I think it will make learning an easier language a lot easier ;) Btw, I see you are doing a Russian course. are there any Russian speakers around Germany? Or around where you live?


DreamOfFlying, I think Russian is the second most spoken language in Oregon. (It might just be the second most spoken in Portland, Oregon. I can't recall at the moment.)


Oh, that's neat. I always thought Spanish was the second most spoken language anywhere.


Yeah, I guess it's not as important for communication in the US as it is in Europe to know a foreign language. (You are from the US right?)

Here it's probably easier to meet someone who speaks a different language. I always lived close to the border so it's normal for me. Especially with my family, where even each of my grandparents spoke a different language, my parents didn't speak the same one either, of course. ;) Mind you that's not really the norm, but also not abnormal. And while most people only speak German or what they learn later in life, I know a few people who unlike me even grew up bilingually... Weirdly, I don't know anyone personally who grew up with English and German. :P

Russian doesn't sound useless at all! Swedish won't help me with jobs either. Like you, I just love the sound of it and through my love for Astrid Lindgren always felt an attachment to the country and always wanted to learn it. You're right that loving a language really helps to learn it! Good luck with your studies!

My blue, white and red flags are actually French and Dutch not Russian, but yes, there are Russians speakers around here. A good friend of mine immigrated when she was 5 and still speaks Russian with her family, you wouldn't know it though if you don't ask her since she has no accent. There are probably more Russians in the north-east of Germany.

Did you learn any languages in school, btw?


Yes, I'm American :) "My blue, white and red flags are actually French and Dutch not Russian" Duh, I should have known that. lol. Anyhow, "Did you learn any languages in school, btw?" I don't know how/if they do or not. Actually, I think they teach Spanish, but it's probably just the basics, and than people forget. But yes, I do have to learn a language. I am allowed to pick the language I want to learn, but if I don't... I have to do Spanish.


I missed two days last week, so I'm going to go on thru next week. This has been a great motivational boost especially in the fact that this was the first week I started using timed practice. I've had a lot of fun doing timed practice, basically to the point that I don't want to keep going foward :) P.s was this whole thing supposed to be just for people learning Japanese? Because I don't want to be interfering with something that I'm not supposed to be. thanks.


No, this challenge isn't just for those learning Japanese, but the timed practice bonus was; there are just a lot of us learning it is all ^_^


Ok good. P.s You have a very nice language and streak count ;)


Haha, thanks! My longest streak was 511 and I've finished the trees of the first 4 flags I have. I like to try languages when they come out to help inspire new linguistic knowledge for conlanging (making languages). Each one introduces me to some new aspect of languages in general that I like to add to languages I create. I can't wait for Hindi and Arabic to hit Duolingo for this reason.


That's an interesting idea. I want to learn Arabic and Chinese in the future, but I want to finish Russian first. Speaking of Chinese, how did you already get the course? are you using the app?


They're an alpha tester.


Oh right, good point.


The Timed Practice was inspired for the Japanese learners. But, like everything else in the bunny challenges, it's customizable. So, learners of other languages are absolutely allowed to do the Timed Practice bonus challenge. ^_^


I’m in for week 2. I’ll either keep the same daily goal, or downgrade if you intend to post an ASL challenge this week.

P.S. Insufficient sleep weakens the immune system. Take care


Hi Arachnje, what is a ASL challenge? P.s Also, the lack of sleep does not help with the storing of knowledge in the brain either.


It's becoming a regular challenge organized by Usagiboy once (or twice) a month. This was the most recent one, and the November challenge is yet to be posted. If you are interested, you can take a look at the challenge when it's posted. The last two challenges included lessons from SignSchool, which follows a model similar to duolingo.


Ok thanks. I might pop in there next time and see what ASL is like :)


November's 1st Session for the ASL Challenge is now up! :D


Now signed up and completed my first lesson. It's a bit different than I thought it would be. I mean, I never knew there were so many things I couldn't do with my hands. lol.


Oh no, hope you can catch up on your sleep soon! I know that my brain turns to complete much if I don't sleep properly, haha.

I actually had a pretty good week! Although I still haven't completely gained back my motivation for Duolingo, working towards a goal every day has means that I did more last week than I've usually been doing recently. Although the last two days were a bit rough - the skill I was reviewing had loads of 10-15 word sentences, and in the end I had to turn the audio off because I kept running out of time during the type-what-you-hear questions!

I think I'll be joining you in Week 2 of the challenge. I haven't been feeling great in myself lately, so without some sort of push / motivation I know I'm not going to end up doing any Welsh. :)


Hopping on board, and timed practice is exactly what I was looking forward to doing, so timed practice it is. Daily target 80 XP per day, gained exclusively through timed practice.

Skills will be added and updated on daily basis depending on achievement.

Monday 月曜日: 80XP+(10 XP Spanish before the challenge)
(Skills: Intro 2 - Greetings - Food 1 - Time1)

Tuesday 火曜日: 84XP (reached Level 13)
(Skills: Time 2, Time 3 (twice), Home, Intro 3)

Wednesday 水曜日: 99XP
(Skills: Family (twice), Restaurant, Activity 1, Position)

Thursday 木曜日: 95XP
(Skills: Hobby 1, Trans., Clothes (twice), Hobby 2).

Friday 金曜日: 85XP
(Skills: Weather, Food, Direction1 (twice), Dates (twice))

Saturday 土曜日: 85XP
(Skills: Shopping 1, People, Activity 2, Nature (twice)).

Sunday 日曜日: 81XP (barely made it)
(Skills: Classroom, Feeling (twice), Direction 2, Object (twice)).


Week 2

I'll change my daily target to 40XP, to save some time and energy for the November ASL challenge. I will finish the tree, then go back in the opposite direction till I finish the challenge.

Monday 月曜日: 43XP
(Skills: Shopping 2, Hobby 3 (twice))

Tuesday 火曜日: 40XP
(Skills: Classroom 2 (twice), Health)

Wednesday 水曜日: 47XP
(Skills: Vacation (twice), Subculture (three times))

Thursday 木曜日: 42XP
(Skills: Olympics (twice), Subculture)

Friday 金曜日: 41XP
(Skills: Subculture, Vacation, Health)

Saturday 土曜日: 45XP
(Skills: Health, Classroom 2 (twice), Hobby 3 (twice))

Sunday 日曜日: 43XP
(Skills: Shopping 2, Object (three times))


Closing remark: doing timed practice was quite difficult, but now I understand why you used the word reinvigorated to describe how it made you feel, Usagiboy. Thank you for organizing this challenge, and congratulations to everyone who met their goal. I look forward to the next challenge.


O.O; 80XP in Japanese using Timed Practice? G-g-ganbatte!!!
Edit: In honor of your bravery, I am awarding you the Brave bunneh soul merit badge.
Image source


LOL,thank you ^_^. I've already cleared Hiragana 1 to Intro 1 with an extra time of 1:00-1:30 minutes , so I hope to manage the rest of the skills even if it's ギリギリ within time.


I love how many onomatopoeia the Japanese language incorporates!


Wow, I received the Brave bunneh soul merit badge.
I humbly accept and swear with my snowbunny honor to deserve it. ありがたくいただきます。


Best of luck, Arachnje!


To you too, and glad to see you here as always


Thanks, it's always great to see you as well. :)


Yay! Happy to see this challenge! I'll do Japanese this week.

I'm going to set my goal at 120XP (No timed practice, I practice mainly on the app which doesn't have it)

Week 1

日曜日: 121/120 ✔️

月曜日: 53/120 I:

火曜日: 0/120 :I

Mittwoch: 126/120 ✔️ (Started the German course)

Thu nam: 121/120XP ✔️ (Started the Vietnamese course!)

Freitag: 125/120XP ✔️

土曜日: 160/120 ✔️

Week 2#### (changing my goal back to 100XP, 120XP was too much)

Søndag: 100/100 (NO - EN course)✔️

Lunes: 117/100 (ES - EN course)✔️

Dienstag: 100/100 (DE - ES course)✔️

星期三: 101/100 (ZH - EN course)✔️

Venerdì: 0/100 (IT - EN course)

金曜日: 0/100 (JA - EN course)

Lördag: 0/100 (SV - AR course)

Chủ nhật: 0/100 (VI - EN course)

Question about the Japanese challenge: Can we still do new lessons or do we have to get all of our XP from timed practice? And is the challenge optional?


Yay woof. is here! As a customizable challenge, totally optional. Also, you are welcome to make one goal for Timed Practice XP and another goal for untimed XP. ^_^


Awesome, thanks!


Ahh, I've been finding it hard to get motivation for Duolingo recently, so this seems like a good way to reinvigorate myself. I'll aim for 100xp daily in Welsh; I'll try to only use timed practice to reach that goal (as I've never actually used it before), and I won't just repeat the first lesson once a day so that my streak's met. Not that I, uh, ever do that... h-hahaha...

Dydd Sul: 135/100 (95 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Future - Dod, Future - Cael

Dydd Llun: 141/100 (101 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Future - Cael, Future - Short

I also hit two goals on Memrise today: 4,000 words and 5,000,000 points!

Dydd Mawrth: 150/100 (110 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Future - Short, Auxiliary Future - Gwneud

Dydd Mercher: 144/100 (114 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Auxiliary Future - Gwneud, Revision 4

Dydd Iau: 136/100 (106 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Revision 4, Conditional

This has been the hardest day so far, although this was a revision topic I ended up making loads of mistakes. I even finished one timed practice with zero points - the first question was a 10+ word listening exercise, and, uh... I got about four words in before the timer ran out. Oops!

Dydd Gwener: 123/100 (103 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Conditional 1

Another tough day - after scoring a total of four(!!) points through three timed reviews, I'm ashamed to say I had to turn off the audio to disable listening questions. As a result, I won't move onto a new skill just yet; I'll do some regular reviews (with audio) today, and give the timed reviews another go tomorrow.

Dydd Sadwrn: 117/100 (117 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Conditional 1

Good luck everyone!

PS. My awful memory thanks you for the reminder to follow the topic!

Week 2

Dydd Sul: 10/100 (0 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Would do

My Internet's been terrible all day, and it took me around twenty minutes to get through a single Duo lesson because my connection kept cutting off So, I'm begrudgingly abandoning my goal for today - although I'll be sure to make up for it tomorrow. I'll try to do some Welsh reading instead tonight, so at least I'll be doing something productive.

Dydd Llun: 276/200 (216 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Would do, Give advice

Dydd Mawrth: 110/100 (110 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Future - Bod, Give advice

Dydd Mercher: 480/100 (0 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Distance & size, Comparing 1, Would - Hoffi, Gallu. Comparing 2, Dates 1, Comparing 3

Spent a few hours on Duo today while on a de-stressing spree. Earned over 1000exp but not all of it was from Welsh. I'll admit I doubt I retained... much, but it did wonders for my mood. I'll return to my usual study schedule tomorrow or Friday.

Dydd Iau: 263/100 (113 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Past - Dod, Distance & size, Comparing 1, Would - Hoffi, Gallu

Dydd Gwener: 174/100 (114 through timed practice), skills reviewed: Distance & size, Duration

Dydd Sadwrn: 258/100 (208 through timed practice), skills reviewed:.Comparing 1, Present 3, Future - Bod


Hi kirezatav, is this your first time doing a Bunny Challenge? If so let me say, this is a really good challenge to participate in (if I do say so myself ;). This challenge is customizable, so you can choose to do 100XP a day, 1,000XP a day, 10XP a day, and even 0XP a day (say, if you are learning a language that Duolingo does not offer). The goal is for you to pick a goal that will motivate you to accomplish your language goals this week.

Since you've never tried Timed Practice before, I would suggest starting the week with a Timed Practice goal of maybe 20XP and the other 80XP for however else. If you end up earning more Timed Practice XP, you can always show you've met your goal and then some by putting the extra in parentheses. For example, if your goal is 20XP for the TPBC and you ended up getting 30XP that way, and additionally you earned your other 70 checking off at the end of the day with something like Dydd Sul: 20XP (+10) TPBC + 70XP ✔️

An important part of this monthly challenge is to set a goal that not only motivates you, but that while pushing you to put in that little bit of extra effort, is also achievable. You are also welcome to do 100XP a day using Timed Practice and if it turns out to be achievable, awesome! If it turns out it is so difficult that it demotivates you, you can come back and adjust your goal later in the week. ^_^

Best of luck to you whatever course you take this week!


Yep, it's my first time doing something like this on Duolingo - and thank you for your kind welcoming words! Have a sweet little pine marten as a thank-you gift. :)

I'm feeling quite "in the zone" tonight so I think I'll start off attempting 100xp through timed practice, and see how things go from there. If this week goes well, in the next challenge I think I'll add on some off-Duolingo goals for other languages, too!


Hey thanks! According to Pottermore, my patronus is a weasel (same thing basically). So, that's perfect.
The cool thing about the spell "Expecto Patronus" from the Harry Potter series, is the Latin roots of its name. According to This Wiki it basically means "I await a protector." ^_^


What house are you in?


According to Pottermore's original sorting hat quiz that was like 150 or so questions long, I'm the rarest hatstall (woohoo): Slytherpuff https://i.imgur.com/IQFCzGg.jpg I was a really fast dueler too. ^_^ https://i.imgur.com/undefined.jpg But, that's getting a bit off topic so we should not pursue the topic further. ;)


kirezatav that Memrize picture for your level is awesome!


Thank you! Steadily working towards my next goal... 5,000 words, here I come! :P


5,000 is awesome! I don't think I've reached that in any language outside of my native. Even with less, I've been able to do cool things like help people out, order food, read a book (with the help of an .epub file and ReadLang), and read the news (BBC World News has news in Spanish as well as several other languages.) Best of luck!


Okey dokey, I’m not entirely sure how this works but I’ll just go along with what everyone else seems to be doing and hopefully spell the days of the week right (it’s going to be so embarrassing if I don’t ) My target will be 60 XP per day. I’ll be aiming for that to consist of 4 reviews and 2 new lessons.


Lundi: 160/60XP (got a little excited with new lessons)

Mardi: 90/60XP

Mercredi: 100/60XP

Jeudi: 60/60XP

Vendredi: 60/60XP

Samedi: 130/60XP

Dimanche: 60/60XP

Good luck to everyone else!


Hi Octopode123, there are two main options: You can gain XP by only using Timed Challenge. Or, you can earn XP doing lessons and/or review using timed and/or Untimed Practice however you'd like to go about that.

Because Bunny challenges are customizable, you can set a goal for each language your learning, or, you can set one XP goal and it doesn't matter how many of your languages you study to reach that goal.

Let me know if you have any questions. This XP challenge is a monthly challenge and I've run it for more than 2 years now. So, if people seem to not be confused, it's because they've participated many times and already asked their questions in the past. We've all been through the learning curve too. ^_^


Ok thank you, I'll probably just stick to untimed for the minute, and hopefully if this week goes well (and even if it doesn't) I'll be able to do the bunny challenge next month as it seems really cool! Also thanks for the kind welcome x


I'm in! After thinking it over, I've decided to shelve Spanish (for now) and finally learn Japanese! I'm so excited! It's hard though... Anyway, I'll aim for 100xp a day. Timed practice? Nein, danke!

Sunday 日曜日: 100xp

Monday 月曜日: 100xp Level up!

Tuesday 火曜日: 40xp :/

Wednesday 水曜日: 100xp

Thursday 木曜日: 10xp I've had a bad day and this is all I'm doing. But my Genki 1 textbook came today! :D

Friday 金曜日: Heh... 290xp. I have no regrets. Also, level up!

Saturday 土曜日: 100xp Done and done!

BTW... I MAY have copy and pasted the Japanese days of the week from your post to mine. :) I don't know the days of the week yet!


Hi again NeonMoogle! If you're just starting Japanese, you've made a smart choice not to do the Timed Practice Bonus Challenge. The reason I added that option is because Japanese is notoriously difficult in Timed Practice mode. However, I've noticed a huge benefit to practicing that way. So, I wanted to encourage others to try it eventually. :) Good luck! PS, no worries about copying the days of the week until you've learned them. ^_^


I'm in! My goal is 100XP a day and to reach my first level 25 this week. I'm still considering the Japanese timed practice as an add-on...

måndag: 223 XP in total, 20 XP timed challenge Japanese ✔️

tisdag: 198 XP total ✔️

onsdag: 178 XP total ✔️

torsdag: 206 XP total ✔️ and more importantly, I am finally allowed to type in Japanese (the A/B test moved to the next stage)

fredag: 257 XP total ✔️ reached level 25 in Spanish ✔️✔️✔️

lördag: 70 XP... I just didn't have the time to reach my goal : (

söndag: 100 XP ✔️


Rhabarberbarbara Waves enthusiastically Good luck!


Thanks! Throws cookies You too!


How is it that I keep almost missing these!? Alright, I think I'll join you in the Japanese Timed Practice challenge. It should be fun and I've been meaning to try it out for a bit now. I'll go with 40xp as well, though I don't know across how many skills exactly.

火曜日: 40xp - Did Timed Practice for Hiragana 1 and 4. It was a little bit easy given the skills, but the difficulty should pick up from here. I have 19 more skills left to refresh, so hopefully I can get them all done by the end of this challenge.
水曜日: 51xp [Food 1, Time 1, Time 3] - Much more challenging this time. Although I met the goal, I'm a bit dismayed at how badly I froze when asked to translate longer sentences from English into Japanese, even while using the tiles instead of typing. It looks like I need to do a serious review session.
木曜日: 52xp [Hiragana 3, Home 1] - Yeah, this is incredibly challenging, but so helpful. I had to do Home like 5 times before I got a perfect 20 on it.
金曜日: 48xp [Intro 3, Family, Restaurant] - Still difficult but definitely paying off.
土曜日: 41xp [Intro 1 and 2, 1xp from Activity 1] - Decided to go back to the beginning because the later skills were giving me too much trouble.
日曜日: 42xp [Time 2 and Time 3] - Still going strong; definitely made the right choice to go back to skills that were already golden and do Timed Practice for them.
月曜日: 49xp [Home and Intro 3] - Glad I was able to complete this challenge. While I'd like to do a second week, I think I'll be too busy for it; looking forward to the next competition Usagi san!


I wasn't sure if I wanted to participate first. I'm still struggling with motivation which I lost last month when Duo changed the design, inspite of Tiramisues' userstyle which is incredibly helpful (makes Duo usable for me; thanks again, Tiramisues!). I didn't give up on language learning, but learned elsewhere.

Well, I'm here and want to give it another try. I'll just commit to reviewing, at a rate of 100 XP per day.

Tirsdag: 100 XP Norwegian
Onsdag: 120 XP Norwegian
Torsdag: 120 XP Norwegian
Fredag: 80 XP Norwegian
Lørdag: 100 XP Norwegian
Søndag: 100 XP Norwegian (and level 16!)
Mandag: 100 XP Norwegian

Second week
Tirsdag: 110 XP Norwegian
Onsdag: ... XP Norwegian
Torsdag: ... XP Norwegian
Fredag: ... XP Norwegian
Lørdag: ... XP Norwegian
Søndag: ... XP Norwegian
Mandag: ... XP Norwegian


Aaaand I'm here for the second of the challenge (after some more bunny threats. jk). My goal is 100XP/day. Going to start on Monday, since it's a bit too late for Sunday. :P

(Okay, I'm one week late. Last week was terribly busy, so I didn't get to practice :/)


Good luck Dimitra!


Always so dramatic Dimi. You can always just get me back by making rude sentences about blue bunnies someday in the Greek course. :P

Good luck with the challenge Dimi! bunny squishes and J- cookies for teh kitty kat <3


Oh, This is just what I need. I've been really loosing my motivation, but this should put it back in place. I will do 100 tonight, but since I haven't been on here for a couple of days than I will just have 600 XP at the end of this week. It will still mean I've done 100 XP every day ;) Thanks for posting this :)


Oh great. Well, I guess I won't have enough time to do 100 XP tonight, but I will the rest of the days ;)


We are entering day 4. How is everyone doing? I'm finding myself getting much faster at Timed Practice. Next month, I'm definitely increasing my goal from 40XP. Today, I turned off the audio and it was harder because I had to practice reading instead of relying on both reading and listening to fill each other's gaps in my comprehension. I'm glad I decided to try it today.


I'm actually doing quite well with the challenge. 70 XP is a good goal for me I think, it's a challenge while still being easy enough to reach to get that satisfactory feeling of reaching my own goal and not feel too daunting even if I go away for the evening or have a more stressful day. On those I would just finish part of a bigger challenge because even when starting I'd think "oh, that's too much for today", whereas it's just "a bit more" to reach 70.

I can imagine turning audio off is especially helpful to learn with non-latin scripts, good idea! I on the other hand should probably work more on not reading the task so I can train my listening skills a bit more.


Hmm scratches bunny chin, maybe sometime down the road I'll switch from just reading to trying to just listen without reading the sentence before typing my answer. :)


Oooh man. And there I was saying I was going to do 100 XP per day. I just keep falling to sleep at my desk when I try to do over 40XP. So, I still feel really great with just 40XP because my average per week used to be like 15. One more thing: I always have had to close my eyes to do my lessons because it was much more easy to read Russian than it was to listen to it. I guess I need to get to where I can just listen to it ;)


When I first started using Timed Practice for Japanese, it took me forever to get 40XP. Now, it takes me 10 minutes or less. (I'm very fast at typing, which gives me an advantage.) If you would benefit from lowering your goal to 40XP, that's totally acceptable in this challenge. Make it work for you. It's important to experience success to generate momentum to keep going with language studies. Challenge yourself, but make sure that you're not setting an impossible goal that doesn't work with the reality of how much energy you can give it this week. :)


Oh ok, I did my first timed practice on Monday. I got not one word done before my time went up. I did it again, and that's how I got 6 XP. Anyhow, thanks for the advice. I think I will set my goal at 40xp for this week than lower it down a little after the end to make it easy :)


I overestimated myself a bit. I did manage to finish the timed practice with a margin, but I was naive to think I wouldn't make any mistakes or typos. I ended up doing 5 skills a day to achieve my target. But in general, my average has been 20 XP per skill, and I'm glad I could do it, even though I have to admit that I managed by relying almost entirely on my ears. Reading is my Achilles heel, and the lack of kanji in the sentences makes them more difficult to read.

I turned off the audio and it was harder because I had to practice reading instead of relying on both reading and listening to fill each other's gaps in my comprehension.

Are you by any chance an auditory learner?


Are you by any chance an auditory learner?

No, very much not. In university in fact, I had a fancy pen (LiveScribe) that would record audio while I took notes because I would miss a lot of what was said. I just couldn't keep it in my brain long enough to put it to page. The pen allowed me to go back after class, tap the pen on a portion of my notes, and it would replay what the teacher was saying right when I was writing that portion of my notes. It let me fill out all of the holes in my written notes. But, currently the speed at which I read Japanese is pretty slow. So, having audio and reading at the same time complimented each other glossing over the weaknesses in my reading speed and the weakness in my listening comprehension. So, take out one and I gotta work harder on the other. ^_^


Congrats on improving with the timed practices! It's always a confidence boost to see yourself making little improvements. :)

I've actually been doing quite well with the challenge so far, I've done ~100xp worth of timed challenges daily, plus a few extra lessons that I've gone through while adding vocabulary to Memrise - on which I've reached two goals this week, 4,000 words and 5,00,000 points!

I'm the opposite of you, I tend do rely too much on reading while completely disregarding the audio. This means that the "Type what you hear" questions always catch me out, and multiple times they've made me fail a timed practice because I have to keep clicking "replay"... "replay"... "replay slowly"... "replay"... For next month's challenge, I think I'll challenge myself to try to get more used to listening to the sentences. :)


Omgoodness I was so tired last night. It was somewhere around 11 or so PM and I was already half asleep when I remembered I needed to do my goal in Japanese for this challenge. So, I got out my phone and ended up doing 8 lessons and regolding 3 skills. I don't remember which. One was super low in the tree and 2 were higher than where I've been practicing. None of it was Timed Practice because I was on the app. But, I'm just so binking happy I did it. I'm so close to leveling up now that it'll happen either before next month's challenge or during. Seriously though, I feel so triumphant having reached (and doubled) my goal last night. I was so tired that I just kept doing more lessons like a robot. lol :D

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