"We start work at seven thirty exactly"

Translation:Tunaanza kazi saa moja na nusu kamili

November 5, 2017



Could someone break down this sentence for me? I get the "tunaanza kazi" part, but how does "saa moja na nusu kamili" translate as "at seven thirty exactly"?

November 5, 2017


saa = hour
moja = one (seven o'clock = saa moja, eight o'clock = saa mbili etc.)
na = and
nusu = half
kamili = perfectly/exactly

In Swahili, the day begins at 6:00AM, dawn. 7AM is the first hour, 8 is the second hour, 9 is the third hour. You can add or subtract 6 to work it out - my brain is more spatial, so I think of it by picturing a clock and imagining the hour hand extending backwards, pointing at the opposite side of the clock.

November 6, 2017
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