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  5. what is the verb "do"?


what is the verb "do"?

help. what does the verb "do" mean? if you know it, answer me

November 5, 2017

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It is similar to hacer, without the sense of "make." Perform an activity. As idiom "What do you do?" asks for the profession.


It is also used in questions and negative sentences as an auxiliary verb: "You set the table," but " You did not set the table" and "Did you set the table?" You can also use "do" as an auxiliary verb when you want to emphasize the statement in your sentence: "You did not set the table."

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You have to use "do" in the negative "you did not set the table" this is not an example of emphasis but in the positive you can say "yes I set the table" or emphasize it by saying "yes I did set the table".


Do performs two functions. You will find it most often as an auxiliary verb used to form questions and negatives. In questions, think of it as the upside down question mark that you use in Spanish. For negatives, simply translate the no in a sentence like No camino en la playa as don't or do not. (I don't walk on the beach). It can also be used as emphasis _ I DO walk on the beach.

As MichaelRPdx said, it is used like hacer, (as in hacer ejercicios), for performing an action. I do my homework. I do the dishes. I do not do my homework. I don't do the dishes.

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