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Suggestion for Japanese Course

So let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this course!! It is really helpful in my learning of Japanese. I am very grateful for what the course is, but I have one suggestion. Perhaps add individual Katakana sessions before intro 1. Like have the same thing as the Hiragana but with Katakana, and with more foreign words. I mean sure you learn the Katakana within the course, and I like that. I mean Hiragana you still learn individual characters as well in latter lessons. However, I think it would be helpful to have that for Katakana. I know Tinycards has Katakana and I understand it well, but still I think it would make the course a bit better if it had that. Also possibly a few Kanji one that gets integrated into the course a bit more. Again you do learn Kanji in between but I think it would be good if it had some in their own thing also. I don't know these are just some suggestions I have. I mean the course is still in beta so maybe in the future these will be added. Yet, I still really like the course as it is, and think it is super helpful.

November 6, 2017




I've already completed the current beta version of the JP for EN speakers course and it does teach all of the modern katakana further along in the course. (Though, katakana doesn't get it's own series of skills. I know Team Japanese wants to update the course in the future. I'm not sure which updates are planned. Hopefully, katakana skills will be included.)

One reason I could see for them not following up the Hiragana skills immediately with katakana skills is to allow people to get more comfortable with hiragana for a while. One thing that many new learners find daunting is the prospect of having to learn 3 writing systems. So, spacing it out is less pressure to learn so many new things all at once. I don't know why there are not specific skills for katakana though.

As for why there is not more Kanji, the current version of the course only includes JLPT N5 Kanji. I hope they will add JLPT N4 material in the future though. ^_^


I definatly agree with you that it is better to be comfortable in Hiragana first. And yeah I hope they add more Kanji as well. But yeah i do hope Katakana gets its own thing eventually. I mean it is nice that it’s integrated into the system, but having it on it’s own would be nice.

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