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"Tohle jsem našel mezi talíři, jež byly v kuchyni."

Translation:I found this in between the plates that were in the kitchen.

November 6, 2017



I would just point out that "between" isn't the best word here. As a native English speaker, unless the item was literally standing between two plates, we would use either "among" (in, around or next to) or just say "I found this next to the plates in the kitchen."


Just a note: it is really bookish (jež), it is used mainly in written communication.


so we should not have taught it?


I like knowing "bookish" Czech, as long as you tell us the difference. My real-life Czech teacher said to me, "Mluvíš jako kníha." I once translated "It was raining" as "Déšť padla." :)


I think both bookish and informal Czech should be teached, but unfortunately, Duolingo doesn't really allow to specify what is the difference, only in the pre-lesson texts.


So how would a more informal version look like?


For example, you could just use které instead of jež.

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