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  5. "Meine Mäntel"

"Meine Mäntel"

Translation:My coats

November 6, 2017



How to know if this is plural or singular ? Thanks in advance


Two signs:

  • meine has the -e ending that is either feminine or plural. Since Mantel is masculine, the -e must be for plural in this case.
  • Mäntel has an umlaut here, so it's the plural form. The singular would be Mantel.


Ah... German is difficult!!


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Mein: Singular Meine: Plural


It's not as simple as that.

mein is singular masculine and singular neuter, but singular feminine is meine just like the plural -- for example, meine Tochter "my daughter" (just one).


thank you this is so helpful


Thanks for the help!

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