"Ty ses ale díval!"

Translation:But you were looking!

November 6, 2017

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Ty ses ale díval. The word order sounds strange for me... could it be in other way? Ale ses dival?


I am native AmE, so I could be wrong about this, but... Ale doesn't count as a "first word," so the "se" in ses isn't in the second position, where it wants to be, in your suggestion.

By way of checking my own understanding, I will (probably unwisely) suggest other word orders -- with one of which I might get lucky (or not): (1) "Tys se ale díval; and (2) Díval ses ale." Hopefully, one of the Czech natives on the team will weigh in.


To my understanding i was taught that "ses" must build an entity, so it should be "Ty ses ale dival.", but i might be wrong. ; )


Why not "But you did look!"


That would be 'ty ses ale kouknul"

Dívat has the continuous feel in it. It is an imperfect verb. Kouknout is perfect. When referring to verb aspects.


'But you did watch!' What about that? Thx

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