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  5. "장바구니는 카트보다 무겁습니다."

"장바구니는 카트보다 무겁습니다."

Translation:The shopping basket is heavier than the cart.

November 6, 2017



Maybe the context is bringing. Heavy basket is more painful to your arms than pushing a heavy cart.


장바구니는 : shopping basket (+topic particle)

카트 : cart

보다 : put after a noun for comparison, translating as "compared to" (or the way they did here, with "-er" after the adjective. You can remember it by thinking that when you compare something to something else, you look (보다) at it.

무겁습니다 : formal form of 무겁다, to be heavy

The shopping basket is heavy compared to the cart, becomes, the shopping basket is heavier than the cart.


Uh i think she means how can a basket be heavier than a cart not how to get to the english sentence which is also useful


Why is 무겁다 wrong? In another sentence, "The shopping basket is very heavy" translates as "장바구니가 매우 무겁다."


Different speech levels, so 무겁다 should be accepted


Why doesn't it accept trolley in England we call it that


장바구니=shopping basket (always used as "바구니") 카트=cart


"Compared to a trolley a shopping basket is heavy." is my translation

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