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  5. "장바구니는 카트보다 무겁습니다."

"장바구니는 카트보다 무겁습니다."

Translation:The shopping basket is heavier than the cart.

November 6, 2017



Maybe the context is bringing. Heavy basket is more painful to your arms than pushing a heavy cart.


장바구니는 : shopping basket (+topic particle)

카트 : cart

보다 : put after a noun for comparison, translating as "compared to" (or the way they did here, with "-er" after the adjective. You can remember it by thinking that when you compare something to something else, you look (보다) at it.

무겁습니다 : formal form of 무겁다, to be heavy

The shopping basket is heavy compared to the cart, becomes, the shopping basket is heavier than the cart.


장바구니=shopping basket (always used as "바구니") 카트=cart

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