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  5. "우리 동갑이에요."

"우리 동갑이에요."

Translation:We are of the same age.

November 6, 2017



Interesting word. 同甲 implies that you began your 60-year cycle at the same time as someone, i.e. you'll return 還(환) to the cycle's beginning 甲(갑) together.


Even as a Korean native, I do not understand at all why Koreans make a federal case out of one's age. If you meet someone in Korea and find out he or she is of the same age, you can be sure that you and the person will get along well. I mean it is just the age and it is hardly a rare event since lots of babies are born every year! lol


In Korea, only people of the same age can be called "friends" (친구) and can call each other by name. That is, they may have an equal relationship.


We are the same age was not accepted. It says "we are of the same age". But here it says my answer is correct!


Did you mean that we can't use "we are the same age?" In aome English textbook in Korea, that sentence(We are the same age.) is correct.


I am not good at English. 동갑 means they was born in the same year, has been have friends who is the same age, so they feel that the same age person is more familiar to treat and would be esiar to be friends than other age people. Koreans think they wold be polite when they teat the people who has more age.


I write again because some sentences was cut 동갑 means they were born in the same year, because korean age show what numberth year of birth and was added 1 more age every JAN 1th. It is similiar to the grade of school.
The same age child go to scool in same year, so most koreans has been have friends who are the same age. Many koreans feel the same age person more comfortable to treat and think there are more chances to be friends, because Koreans shoule be more polite to the elders. Although someone are oldre just 1 year than you, you can't call only his or her name.


You're right! in english/america/england we don't have the same culture surrounding age as in Korea (and other eastern countries), so we don't have a word like 동갑. :) If americans like me want to learn korean, we have to learn a lot abut korean culture also to understand the vocabulary! Thank you for explaining!


It sounds like '오륙' not '우리'

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