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  5. "동갑내기"


Translation:A person of the same age

November 6, 2017



Looks like 내기 means "-er".


Yes! "-내기" has two meanings

  1. A person from, a person born in/at

So you can use "-내기" at the back of the 'area' Like 서울내기 a person born in Seoul Or 시골내기 a person born in countryside

  1. A person who has (a specific charater)

You can use "-내기" at the back of character as you can use -내기1 Like 동갑내기 a person who is same-aged Or 풋내기 a person who is inexperienced Or 보통내기 a person who is common

But we koreans use "-내기" not that much

[deactivated user]

    "age fellow" is not accepted.

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