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  5. "Ninahitaji kuzima taa"

"Ninahitaji kuzima taa"

Translation:I need to turn off the light

November 6, 2017



Hm, I put 'have to' instead of 'need to' and got marked wrong but they do mean the same thing in this case. Reported it as an error.


They are close, but not identic. "To need" is about necessity, "to have to" is about obligation.


"I need to turn the light off" was marked wrong, but is eqivalent


where I live we say to shut off the light - it means the same as to turn off the light - I am totally raised American English speaking - you should give a yes credit to both answers


There are so many regional differences in AMerican ENglish -- I don't think we could expect these young teachers to know all of the variations that we have. Check out the radio show/podcast "A Way with WOrds" to hear cool stories and questions about English!


I wrote "i need to turn the light off " and it marked me wrong.


I put "I need to turn off a light," and my answer was incorrect. Why? Where is the definite article?


Turn off and turn out thr light mean the same thing!


Zima means extinguish. It should be alright to use the word, 'Extinguish '


But in the case of light u choose turn off...its all according to the way its being used

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