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  5. "Wenn sie tanzt, tanze ich."

"Wenn sie tanzt, tanze ich."

Translation:When she dances, I dance.

November 6, 2017



    It's not a lyric from this song, but this translation reminded me of "Wenn sie tanzt", a song by German singer Max Giesinger.

    You can find the lyrics here, if you want to check your listening comprehension! I find his songs to be quite clearly pronounced. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can understand based on your knowledge from Duolingo :)


    Yes! I heard this song long ago when I was learning German from Duo. Imagine my delight.

    [deactivated user]

      Why not "If she dances, then I dance"?


      There is no "then" equivalent needed in the German sentence, otherwise it'd be something like "Wenn sie tanzt, dann tanze ich".


      Se ela dança eu danço ! Falei com Dj, pra fazer diferente ....


      I agree with David. It should be "If she dances...", not "When...".


      "wenn" can be used at when, if it is not a question but a statement "wann" is when as a question. thats when it gets tricky, because "wenn" is also if. i think it needs context


      The way the verbs are changed confuses me. Any advice?

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